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I’ve Moved …. Again!

I know, I know, you’re sick of me changing my blog address. I’m getting tired of it too, believe me, it’s not free! LOL Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and now I have a brand spanking new self hosted website/blog! YAY!! I’ve been wanting to do this for a looong time, but I just couldn’t justify spending the money. Then, the hubs pointed out that a host company was having an AWESOME sale so we did it!

Now you can find me and all my fun projects over at the new and almost improved Crafty Meggy blog! It’s just now. No wordpress allowed in the address bar from now on! Yay!

Can you tell I’m excited?! Hehe. I have been working my tail off most of today (Friday) and will continue over the weekend and the coming weeks to make everything work right on the new blog. I ask that you please be patient and bear with me as I try to fix it all up. I’m trying to get all of you wonderful followers transfered over to the new sit so you don’t have to do anything. I’m crossing my fingers that it all goes well!

Thank you so much for being such wonderful readers and followers! I really look forward to your comments! Please come visit me over at my new blog!

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Pinterest Pick Friday ~ Tissue Paper Mason Jar for the 4th


I have another fun 4th of July craft for you today! I hope you like it! 🙂


I got the idea for doing this simple craft on pinterest, you can view it here. The pin led to a dead end so I decided to wing it myself. It didn’t look or sound that hard to do! Are you ready for the tut? 🙂

First, you need to gather your materials:

* Red, White and Blue tissue paper

* Mod Podge

* Mason Jar

* Glue sponge brush


I thought it would be a good idea to put mod podge on a little bit of the tissue paper and then stick it in the bottom of that jar. Not such a good idea. I couldn’t move it around very well and ended up ripping some of the paper in little/biggish areas.


It took a while for me to get that bottom layer glued down. I kept pulling on the paper too much and then not putting enough glue or putting too much glue… it wasn’t going too well.


There were a few other areas I had ripped so I added some more tissue paper to cover it up.


And Voila! It was pretty easy to fix! 🙂


(For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the next step, adding the white layer. Sorry! It’s hard to take tutorial pictures with gluey fingers and a HEAVY camera! LOL) So this is what it looked like after I glued the next 2 layers of tissue paper on. I did those layers differently and they worked out so MUCH better!


Instead of only gluing a part of the tissue paper and then inserting it into the jar, I put the glue on the jar and then put the tissue paper down. This was so easy and then once I had the tissue paper all glued too the jar I put a layer of mod podge on top of it to make sure it would stay.


I was very liberal with my glue!! You can see where I brushed it at the bottom to keep the red tissue sticking.


And here it is displayed so beautifully on my holiday display cabinet! 🙂


My toddler LOVED it and kept wanting to touch it and play with it. I have found him walking around with it a few times in the last week. And now that I have made the flag from yesterdays post to go inside it, he LOVES that flag!! Haha.


What do you think with both projects complete and blogged about? I love that I actually got some crafting done for this fun holiday!! Now, I have a HUGE list of sewing projects to get going on. I really should start another sewing challenge. I really think that helped me out a lot!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Come back on Monday to find out how we did with our new chore board! It’s been an interesting week! 🙂


Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Popsicle Stick Flag


I’m sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday, on the normal day I do Whatcha Craftin’ posts, but it was kind of a last minute project!! I didn’t even start the craft until about 11:00pm on Tuesday night and I had to wait for the paint to dry before finishing it. Also, I’ve realized how much time it takes to do everything I need to with all the boys at home, so it really doesn’t leave much time for crafting or blogging. It’s sad, but true.

I thought it would be fun to make up some popsicle stick flags I saw on pinterest, where else? 🙂 I was so excited about the project I got started right away… at 11:00 at night! lol I love how the flag turned out and it works for what I needed.



First I painted all my popsicle sticks the colors I wanted. I should’ve cut the blue ones down before painting them, but I didn’t. If you decide to do this, cut the popsicle stick that are going to be blue to half the size. I just punched out little stars from white cardstock. I happened to have a little punch with a star on it I bought SO many years ago. I think this is about the second time I’ve used it! LOL Then I just hot glued the stars onto the blue part of the flag.


I put the flag in a jar I made (you’ll be getting that post/tutorial tomorrow, so look forward to that! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!) and put it on my holiday table I have in the living room upstairs.




I love how it turned out. I might make more of them, maybe not. I think it looks good with just the one. The best thing about this project? It took about 15 minutes to paint and then glue it all together. Easy Peasy!! PLUS, you could totally do this with your kids! I considered that, but realized I have too much on my plate already! LOL Throw in some paint and a toddler and I wouldn’t be having too much fun with this project! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a great Thursday!! 🙂

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Let’s Get Organized ~ Summer Chores


We have been on summer break for about 3 weeks now. I wanted to get the summer chores enforced and our new summer schedule going when we got back from Reno a couple weeks ago, but I had a hard time getting my act together and wanting to enforce chores. I’ve been working on finishing up all the “paperwork” to go along with our schedule and chores and I finally got it up on Friday. I’m still working out the kinks and I’m sure I’ll change things up as the summer goes along. It’s all about trial and error, right? 🙂

I am excited about this post, despite the fact that ! I am not that great about making my kids do chores. Those things that are so much easier for me to just do them and get them done quickly, you know them, right? I’m not one of those moms that has to have chores done PERFECTLY, but I am one of those moms that doesn’t want to stand around all day waiting for my kids to finish their chores.

SO, I went to the good old World Wide Web and did a Google search for Summer Chore Charts and Ideas. I found SO many good ideas and I wanted to do EVERY SINGLE one of them! BUT I had to choose just one, so my kids wouldn’t get too overwhelmed, and so that I wouldn’t either. There were two that really stood out to me and I kind of tweaked them to make them my own.

The first blog I went to was Organizing Made Fun. Becky is a GREAT blogger! She is one of the blogs that I LOVE to get daily emails from. I loved her idea of having the kids earn Media Minutes and I downloaded her 2 printables from her summer chore post. I know these will work great for my boys! they LOVE to just sit around and watch show after show after show. I’m not going to have ANY of that this summer!! I’m going to be on top of my job!!

The next blog I found was called Just Organize Yourself. I loved her summer chore post because it linked to a bunch of great ideas for chore charts. She goes into more detail on how she does her chores and lists in this post.

There were SO many more blogs that I found with great ideas! There were too many for me to read them all. A couple more I liked were Chicken Babies, Raising a Healthy Family and Homebody, she does a 3 part series called Summer Plan Mini Series:

*Rules and Consequences

*Kids Chores

*Fun Stuff

I also went on pinterest, of course!! I have already pinned a bunch of ideas and there was one that I’m definitely going to do, FINALLY! I’ve had it pinned ever since I opened my account I believe! LOL You can view my summer chore board HERE.

Chore Punch Cards ( I printed some off on my computer with cardstock and cut them out. Each kid starts the week out with one card and for every chore he does all the way AND the RIGHT way he’ll get a punch. Once the card is full he can cash it in for a prize. I have a prize box in my craft room that is overflowing. I’ve been saving up stuff for a while now.)

Chore Cards (I actually bought these cards a couple years ago. It was only $1.50 and she had them all written up and I didn’t have to do any work. I have never actually put them into use though so they are now going to come into play; although, I did tweak them to fit my needs. Each boy picks a chore card for the day and they also have to do one Kitchen job as well as all their morning and evening routine chores. The routine chores don’t count for the punch cards, though. Just the cleaning chores count. Depending on what Chore they are assigned on a certain day, they can earn more than 2 punches. I’m very optimistic that this will work!)

Are you ready to see all these things in ACTION??!! I have been hard at work in the last week getting everything organized and together and I am really proud of how it all turned out! It wasn’t anything fancy like some of the chore charts I admired on Just Organize Yourself, but it was easy and I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it. This week we will definitely be using all of these things I have talked about in this post, starting TODAY! I can’t wait! (Is it weird that I’m excited about getting my kids to do chores? I’m sure I will hate it after 10 seconds of instigating it! LOL)


This is what the chore area has looked like since school got out, pretty bare.


And this is what it looks like now!  What do you think? I laminated all the chore cards and then taped them onto the metal board with washi tape. I’ve been itching to use some of it and thought it was a pretty good idea to use it for this little project:) I got the idea for this on this blog and made it my own.

So, this is how I’ve thought it out, each kid has a pocket. They will always have an Evening and Morning checklist in their pocket so they can check everything off and get it initialed by Mom or Dad. At the beginning of each day I will have them randomly choose between 2 chores. I will assign who gets what kitchen chores. The Mom’s Choice chores will be done when needed. I’m not really sure if I’ll let those ones be a weekly thing or just when I feel like having them do it. That’s why they got a separate category.


These are all the chore cards I have printed up.


I have the media minute tickets in the blue holder that has the stickers and pencils, etc.


I found this cute calender on a blog while I was browsing summer chore charts. I edited it to fit our schedule.


These are the Chore Punch Cards I did up. I used a different color at the bottom for each boy, depending on what their favorite color is. I’m planning on throwing these out after they are filled up so I did not laminate them. If you want a free copy of these you can download them HERE.

We are hard at work keeping up with our new summer schedule and doing chores this morning. I will be back next week with a progress report 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great Monday!

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Pinterest Pick Friday ~ 4th of July Wreath


I’m so excited to show you this project!! I LOVE how it turned out!!


I found the idea on pinterest a couple weeks ago when I was looking for one to make for this upcoming holiday. This one really stuck out to me! I had to search a couple of blogs to get to the tutorial for it, but I finally found it and got to work.

And let me tell you, this was NOT a one sitting wreath project!! It took about 3 hours to finish it completely. Of course, I was doing it at night while watching a new favorite TV show with the hubs, soooo, I would get distracted easily. It was very time consuming. If you’re not patient and like fast results, this wreath probably isn’t for you, but if you put on a favorite movie or watch TV, you can actually enjoy doing it.

Here’s the finished result:



I used a LOT of pins!! I had to go back to the store to buy more because I ran out. I decided I was ok with leaving the pins in. At first I thought I’d pin a bunch and then glue the felt pieces on with hot glue, but that added another step and I really didn’t want to do that. I’m a lazy crafter! 🙂



I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the stars from sticker paper and then sandwiched floral wire I bought at walmart for $1.27 in between 2 star stickers.


My rows aren’t as full as they could be. I might go back and add more for next year.



I am really please with the finished project!! It turned out a lot better than I thought it would! Doesn’t it look great on my front door?!! 🙂 If you want to make one head on over to Capital B where I got the tutorial from. It’s easy, just time consuming!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend!!


Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Pillowcase Dresses & Shorts for Uganda


Ok, I know that I have blogged about this topic about 2 or 3 times already, but I wanted to show you the final line up of what I made. I was really excited to be able to participate in this great cause! I really hope the girls and boys love these clothes we’ve made for them!

Here are all the pillowcase dresses I made, 6 in total. For these I mainly used fat quarters I bought at Walmart for $1 each.


These ones are my favorites! 🙂



The orange one has white butterflies on it. SO cute!!

And here are all the shorts I ended up making, 9 total.


These three below were my favorite. I had fun picking out fat quarters for these at Walmart, too!


My husband was kind enough to send out the package to Mallory last week while I was in Reno. I hope she gets them before she leaves! I was a little behind in sending them.

My goal now is to make 2-3 dresses a month, at least, to send to Mallory next year. I also want to make that many shorts, possibly more. They’re so easy and fun to make! 🙂

Did you participate in this charity? If so how many dresses did you make? My sister and her church ward ended up giving them baby blankets and other needed supplies. That’s Awesome!

Thanks for stopping by today! I’m finally getting back into the swing of things after my little vacation to Reno and school getting out. I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far! Come back on Friday for a fun Pinterest Pick post!


Pinterest Pick Friday ~ Bridesmaid Up Do


Are you surprised to see me blogging today?!! I’m surprised myself!! I just got home from Reno on Monday, where I photographed my sister’s wedding and a bunch of other fun family stuff we did that weekend! It was a LOT of fun, but boy am I TIRED!!! I have a feeling it will take me a while to get rid of that feeling too! 🙂


Anyway, I kind of cheated with this pinterest pick because I didn’t actually do it myself…. Since my sister was getting married she made hair and make-up appointments for my sisters, cousin, aunt, mom and me at a local beauty college. We all went with an idea of what we wanted our hair to look like. OF COURSE I turned to my favorite source for ideas, Pinterest! 🙂 This is what I found when I searched for bridesmaid hair:



I LOVED the bun in the first one and the curly hair in the second one. I showed my stylist the two pictures and she got to work. How long did it take??!! TWO HOURS!! Then they also did my makeup! I was almost late for the wedding! (Well, not really, but the bride had to wait for me to put on her dress so I could take pics. It was stressing me out how long it took!!)


And here’s the finished version of my hair! I LOVED how it turned out!  Isn’t it just gorgeous?!! Who knew my hair could look this pretty? I don’t think I’ve ever had an up-do done before.

There were so many bobby pins in my hair and it was so heavy on my head I was afraid I would have a HUGE headache by the end of the day, but I didn’t! It was GREAT!! I didn’t even have a slight headache! I was SO happy! The pictures went well during and after the wedding. I’m excited to show you how they turned out! I’ve been working on them this week so hopefully I’ll have some to show you next week.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend!! 🙂

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Guest Post by Susan from Organized 31 ~ Summer Outdoors Kit

Ready for the Summer Outdoors Kit - Organized 31
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Hi, I’m Susan from Organized 31.  I’m excited to be here at Crafty Meggy to share my super easy Grab n’ Go Ready for the Summer Outdoors Kit.
I blogged last summer {here} about how happy I was when I found this cute puzzle box at the thrift shop. When I saw the puzzle box, I knew immediately what I wanted to repurpose it into.
With 3 children and lots of summer activities, I found that since we were always running 20 different  places every day I kept forgetting to bring sunscreen or bug spray.  I got tired of the “duh, I forgot it again”  moments.
To solve the problem and take good care of my family, I collected the items we need at a typical outdoor activity:

Baby Wipes                          Bug-off spray                    Sunscreen            Hand sanitizer

These items easily fit into my cute little puzzle tin.
In case you don’t have a cute little tin laying around, you could repurpose a pencil box (especially now with kids bringing used school supplies home at the end of the school year).
Or if your children are younger, you could repurpose a baby wipes box (do they even make this style any more?)
My handy Grab n’ Go Summer Outdoors Kit has found its happy home in the trunk of the car and now I never forget to bring these items with me in the craziness of herding a family of 5 out the door to the next activity.
Ready for the Summer Outdoors Kit - Organized 31
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Guest Post by Amy from One Artsy Mama ~ Family Name Sign

Hi there, Megan’s friends and followers!  I’m Amy, aka One Artsy Mama, and I’m happy to be here filling in while Megan is enjoying some time with her family this week.  I ‘met’ Megan through the Grow Your Blog Mentoring Program {she was one of my guinea pigs in the first session!} and have enjoyed watching her blog change and grow over the last five months.
Today, I want to share with you a fun, simple, and sentimental project that anyone can make!  I first got inspired for this when I saw some fabulous Sentimental Word Art linked up at my weekly party by Karah from The Space Between.  I immediately knew I wanted to do something similar; here’s how I did it!
– scrap of wood {mine was from Michaels and cost less than $2}
– acrylic paint and brush
– fine tip paint pen
– printout or vinyl cutout of your name
– scissors
– painters’ tape
– sandpaper
– fabric scraps
– hot glue gun and gluesticks
– list of family favorites and memories
STEP 1: Paint your wood in desired color.  Let dry.
I let my Little Crafter do this step!

STEP 2: Print out your name or whatever word you’re using and cut the letters out to make a stencil.  Use painters’ tape to adhere it to your sign.  I made this in the days before I had a cutting machine.  If I were to do it again, I’d cut it out with adhesive vinyl instead.  Much easier.


STEP 3: If you haven’t already, brainstorm a list of things your family enjoys or has in common.  We included favorite vacation spots, foods, and special memories.


STEP 4: Write your memories inside the stencil using your paint pen.  The bigger your wood, the more you’ll be able to write.  I got a lot less on my sign than Karah was able to.


STEP 5: Remove stencil and distress sign using sandpaper…more about that later.


STEP 6: If you like, make a couple of fabric roses and glue in place.


The wood was about $1.60, the paint pen was around $4, and the stand was $3, so I got it all for less than ten bucks.  Not too shabby.
Here it is in its new home! 
Now, don’t stop reading yet, I have a few more things to share that you won’t want to miss.
First, here’s what I learned about distressing.
1. I am the worst distresser in the world.
2. Do NOT let LC do your base coat of paint because he’s too good at it.  You will be sanding and sanding until your arm is sore and that paint won’t want to come off.
3. Do NOT sit your DSLR camera next to you while sanding.  You might accidentally knock it off your table with your elbow which might break part of it which will result in you having to pay an exorbitant repair fee or having to get a new one.  Just saying.
Second, has anyone else ever had a conversation like this with the hubs?
Him: “What are you doing?”
Her: “I’m just distressing this.”
Him: “Didn’t you just paint it?”
Her: “yes”
Him: “Then why are you sanding all the paint off?”
Her: “To make it look weathered…you know, distressed”
Him: “Why would you want to do that?”
Her: “Because it’s shabby chic!”
Him: “What?”
Her: “Oh, nevermind.”
Well, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!  I’d love for you to come visit me over at One Artsy Mama!  I co-host a rockin’ link party on Fridays, and I’m currently running a fun crafting competition called One Crafty Contest where you can stop by each Monday to vote for your favorite entries!
Hugs and Glitter,
Amy Latta is the
author of 
Artsy Mama
, where she
shares a variety of project types including home decor, kids’ crafts, sewing,
jewelry, and more.  Recently, she published her first e-book, 
, to help beginners learn basic crochet
stitches and techniques.  She is happiest when creating something and
enjoys making all kinds of projects with her 4 year old “Little
Crafter.” In her spare time, Amy is a professional ballroom, latin, and
swing dancer.  When not on the dance floor or crafting, you can probably
find her at Starbucks.

Let’s Get Organized ~ Summer Schedule & Plans

Well, we made it through another year of school and my 2 school age boys are now home FULL TIME! It’s officially SUMMER in our house! YAY!! Oh, wait, that means I have to be around them all day. And break up fights and tantrums and here the endless whining…. *SIGH*

I will say this: I LOVE my kids. Very. Much. BUT, that being said, my two older ones are getting to the age where they LOVE to bother each other or their little brother. They LOVE to fight, or so it seems. They LOVE to whine and complain and make messes… so, when people have been asking me if I’m excited for summer I say “NO!!!”

Am I a horrible mom for feeling that way? I feel bad that I don’t enjoy summer as much as I could, but when you spend most of your days yelling at your kids to STOP yelling (LOL I wonder why they yell haha) and fighting and bothering each other, it’s just not that enjoyable. Last year we went on a LOOONNNGGG vacation to CA and Vegas. It was AWESOME and I think it helped the summer pass fast! This year we have a few plans; my sis is getting married June 1st in Reno and we’re going! Wooo!, I’ve signed the boys up for a couple of different sports and camps, but for the most part we will be stuck at home. I am wracking my brain thinking of ways not to go crazy with all 3 wild and crazy boys of mine in the same house 24 hours a day for 3 months straight!! Here is what I came up with:

I have mapped out a daily schedule. I’m not really a stickler when it comes to schedules. I usually plan out my days, BUT they never seem to go how I plan. With the new summer schedule I wanted to basically give myself an idea of what I want to have accomplished in a certain time frame. I will more than likely be flexible, but we WILL get all chores done before they can play or do anything exciting.

Our daily schedule during the summer will go something like this:

6-9am ~ wake up, eat breakfast, get ready for the day, TV time (WHY on earth would I list 6am as a possible wake up hour?!! Well, I only have ONE out of THREE children that actually sleeps in!! *SIGH* SO there is a big possibility that I will still have the same hours of sleep as I do during the school year. BIG possibility!)

(I say TV time because I often will get up at 6 with the 2 boys that are early birds and let them watch TV until Jonas wakes up. I also let them watch TV on the iPad we have in the kitchen during breakfast.)

9-10am ~ Choretime. I am working on chore charts for all 3 boys and hopefully will come back soon with a post just about that!

10am-12pm ~ Activity/Outside Playtime!! This will be the time that we do all those fun activities I have planned for us this summer (I guess I better start thinking!!). The cheap theater in town does a movie pass during the summer so I always buy one. They play the movies on Thursday – Saturday at 10am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm. I will mostly likely find a babysitter for Tinian when we do this activity. We will go play at the park and do picnics, ride bikes, play in the backyard. Oh, and swimming is high on the agenda! 🙂 Brynnan keeps asking me when they can start doing lessons!

If I don’t have anything planned they will have mandatory playtime outside. Maybe we’ll even do a mandatory picnic in the backyard every week 🙂 I am considering buying a trampoline again. I am also thinking of putting out a wading pool for them to easily have access to. Brynnan keeps asking if we have a pool. He remembers the one I bought for his birthday 2 years ago that we haven’t used since. It’s one of those blow up ones that I used to have to do by myself because we didn’t have anything to blow it up but a little air pump. Now we have a shop vac so it will hopefully be NICE and EASY to blow that sucker up!

12pm ~ Lunchtime! (12:30-ish) After lunch, before Tini goes down for his nap, I will read to the boys. Once I’ve put Tinian down for a nap the boys will read by themselves for 20 minutes. Then, they can have their Free time, see below.

1-3pm ~ Tinian ~ naptime, Jonas and Brynnan ~ Freetime. Free time could mean anything! They can play outside, go to a friends house, have a friend come over and play, art time at the table, or video game/computer game time (which they WILL have to earn each day by doing daily chores.)

3-5pm ~ MORE Outside Play!! 🙂 (During this time I will have them play in the backyard so I can get work done or have some alone time.)

5-6pm ~ TV time. (While Mark and I, wait, who am I kidding?, while Mark prepares dinner they can watch a little TV, if they want to. Tinian and Brynnan would probably play outside all day! 🙂 I haven’t decided if this is free or if they have to earn this TV time.)

6-7pm ~ Dinner and clean up. Jonas and Brynnan will take turns helping me clean up after dinner. I haven’t fully decided on how this will work yet. I’m thinking that they will switch off days, like, Jonas helps me wash the dishes M,W,F and Brynnan clears the table and washes it off on those days. Jonas will clear of the table and wash it on T, T, Sat and Brynnan do the dishes.

If there is time left before 7 we can do something as a family, play a board game or video game or whatever. Maybe just sit and watch TV together. I just want us to be together as a family.

7-8pm ~ Bedtime Prep. Our boys ALWAYS go to bed at 8! Even during the summer! Why? We have found that with a consistent sleeping schedule they are happier. Sometimes we stretch it past 8:00 and it’s not too bad, but if the boys go to bed any later than 9:00 they are usually REALLY crabby the next day! ALSO, this allows for Mark and I to have 2 hours of time alone before we go to bed.

I think that I want to start reading the scriptures with them before they go to bed, which is another reason why we would start getting them ready at 7:00. It allows us time to get everything done and not feel rushed.

So there you have it. Our tentative Summer Schedule. Today is the first day I will be implementing it so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m kind of excited! I can’t wait to share with you what I came up with to make chores FUN!! 🙂

Come back on Wednesday to see what my amazing guest blogger, One Artsy Mama, has to show you!