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Couponing at Albertsons Today

on June 27, 2011

Ok, so I’ve decided that part of preparedness is couponing and getting good deals. So I will be sharing all of my great coupons deals on this blog now:) Got questions? Ask me anything and I’ll try to help. I am new to this, I started in May, but I know some things. If you want a really great reference go to I go there a lot and they will tell you what deals are good and coupons to use. I LOVE their blog!!

Anyway, so I went to Albies today. Unfortunately, during the summer I have to bring all 3 kids on Monday mornings:P Why don’t I wait? Well, because the paper had Albies double coupons on Sunday and they expire on Tuesday so Monday is the ideal morning to shop. This morning we got there at 11:00 and we were out of there by 11:45. That is a record breaker for me!!Normally, it takes at least an hour, depending on how well I’ve prepared before my shopping trip and also on the availability of products. If things are gone I have to restrategize my whole shopping trip right there. That’s not always easy, especially with kids. Luckily, today was a breeze, well, kind of. The kids made it take longer:P

This is what I bought:


How much do you think I spent?

The total purchase price before my savings was $65.97. I did 3 different transactions with doubles. I didn’t have a coupon for the bread, but it was on sale and I did have a $1 off your next shopping trip. Buying the granola bars triggered a free milk catalina, a $5 Cat and a $3 cat.

I used those cat’s to make the price of the cereal SO CHEAP!! This is my second favorite trip I’ve ever done!! The milk was completely free because I bought 4 danimal products. I paid less than the milk was for the danimals and the milk together!!! I had fun this morning! And all with my 3 crazy boys in tow too!

How was your day in the life of couponing?:)

One response to “Couponing at Albertsons Today

  1. Aubry says:

    I am going to guess 15 dollars? Good job going with your kids and getting all those great deals!

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