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Monday Cleaning

on November 7, 2011

Ok, I’m back with photo evidence that I vacuumed the upstairs and downstairs. YAY!:) And all before 9:00 (yeah, it’s taken me a while to get the pictures up and posted)! Woohoo!

The before shot. The downstairs wasn’t actually that bad. When I vacuum I include all the cleaning up in that as well. And I do move furniture and chairs.

My 15 month old LOVES the vacuum!! I had to deal with him sitting right in my way and try not to run over him.

This is what I found when I moved the big coffee table.

WHOA!! The upstairs living room was MESSY!!

He pulled his toy off the couch as I was vacuuming:) At least it kept him busy for a few minutes.

And here’s the after shot. SOOOOO much better!! I LOVE clean rooms, but in our house they don’t stay that way for long.





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