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Silhouette Saturday ~ Decorating the Control Panel

on January 7, 2012

Yay! I’m glad to be back with another Silhouette post today!:) I have done a bunch of projects with mine so far and I am LOVING it!!

Today I’m going to let myself off the hook with an easy project. I did this one yesterday because I saw it on the Silhouette America Blog and it was something I could do really quick and without messing it up, hopefully! lol I went into my library in my silhouette studio and clicked on the control panel picture:

I double click on that and it brings up the file in the program:

So I position it where I want it to be.

Position the mat just right and then load it in selecting the option: Load Cutting Mat

Hit cut page in the Silhouette Studio program and off it goes!! I still can’t get enough of this machine! I don’t know if I ever will! It’s just amazing and wonderful!:)

Unload the mat from the Cameo once it tells you to.

And start peeling away:)

I usually use an Xacto knife to lift up the cardstock, but it was coming off well enough with my finger nail so that works too:)


Take off the plastic cover that is currently on the control panel.

And place it back on once you have the paper on just right. It’s Easy Peasey as my 7 year old would say:)

I made two of them because the first one you see in the first pictures I made without taking any pictures! LOL Then I thought I should take pictures so now I can change them out when I get bored with one.

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4 responses to “Silhouette Saturday ~ Decorating the Control Panel

  1. Cheyenne says:

    Wowsa! I have never seen one of these machines before and I kind of wish I hadn’t seen it here—it’s making me want one. That’s crazy!

    My gf in the States has something similar and is always raving about it-and if it’s this easy, I can see why!

    Looking forward to looking around your blog some more.

  2. Michaela says:

    You rock! I apparently didn’t pay much attention to the image. I thought it was some iPod knock off. I’m so excited to find fun paper to decorate my cameo with!

  3. allison says:

    This is really cool! I wish I had the cameo.

  4. […] it looks a little too bare! I decorated my control panel when I first got it. You can see that post here. I still have the same butterfly paper on it today! I really like it! So, I’m thinking I […]

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