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Tuesday Deals

on July 24, 2012

Hi everyone!! I am officially on vacation!! We left yesterday morning at 8:00 an arrived at my aunts house in Las Vegas at 5:30! We made great time! I thought it was going to take 11 hours! But there is a time change so it did take 11, but that still great! And the kids were SO good!! I was very surprised!:)

Anyway, I thought I would write up some deals I found at Target. My aunt had the ad so I took a peek at it.

This week they have a 24 pack of pencils for $1, which is a better deal than the pencils I got for $1 at Walmart last week. I might go pick some up for my stash:)Pearl erasers and pencil sharpeners are only $.20!!! Those are definitely going in my stash!

Construction paper and drawing pads are also $1. Their target brand of printer paper is only $3!! That’s a good deal! The cheapest I found it was at Walmart for $5.

Index cards are $.49. I don’t have to buy these for my kids so I’m not sure that’s a great deal, but it sounds good.

Some non school items I thought were good deals are Iams dog food for $16.90. Opti-free eye care twin pack for $14.99!!! Now that’s a good deal! And last but certainly not least, women’s ballet flats for only $12! I need some of those. Is that a good price? I’ve never bought them before so I have no idea. Lol

What deals have you been finding? Let us know! I hope your having a great week so far!! Thanks for stopping by!! Hopefully I’ll be able to do some blogging later this week once things calm down.

One response to “Tuesday Deals

  1. Kar says:

    Yeah, I think that’s a good deal for ballet flats. Go get ’em!! To wear with your skinny jeans!

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