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School Deals

on August 17, 2012

Well, the kids and I are on our way back to Idaho Falls today. My brother Matt is traveling with us to Provo, UT so that will be nice to have him for more than half of the trip! I hope I can do the last 4 hour on my own!:)

While we’re traveling I thought I’d share a post to hold you over until I can get home and get back on schedule. I saw the Walmart ad for next week last night and thought I’d share some of their deals. They have some good ones! I think I’ll be going there for a few last minute items~:)

1 subject notebooks $.17 (That’s the best price I’ve seen! I don’t really shop at Office Max or Depot, which has had $.01 sales, so $.17 is the next best price I’ve seen!)

5″ kids scissors $.50

Elmers Glue $.50

CraZArt crayons $.25 (I personally don’t like this brand, they’re really cheap)

CraZArt Markers and colored pencils $.50

Composition notebooks $.50

BIC Pens $.97

Filler paper $.82

Kmart has some ok sales:
10 ct. pencils $.50

Crayola 24 ct crayons $.50

Crayola water colors $1.49

Backpacks $7

Lunch boxes $4.99

That’s all the ad’s I’ve seen for next week, but I’m sure I’ll post more deals on Monday. Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you have a great weekend!! Enjoy your last few days/weeks of summer break!


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  1. […] this week!! If I have the energy I might be back later to share some with you:) You can check out my post last Friday to see a few of the deals this […]

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