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Whatcha Doin’ Wednesday

on August 22, 2012

Saturday was our first day at home. I was excited because there were some sales I wanted to take advantage of:) (Silly reason to be home, right? It wasn’t the only one, don’t worry!)

First I went to Target:

This is what I bought. The total before coupons came out to $39. After coupons it was only $26. Woohoo!:) There are 3 bags of tostinos there. I had 2 coupons I was able to stack. $1/3 manufacturer coupon and a $.75/3 target coupon. I LOVE stacking coupons! Target is now my favorite store!! I just wish their prices were always as good as Walmart!

I wish I would’ve bought more, but hopefully they will have the same sales this week!:) Their gushers and other snacks were on sale for $2.04. I need to start getting stuff like that because Brynnan will love them to be in his lunches.

Albertsons was next:

I bet you can’t guess how much I paid for these 3 items??!!:) I was psyched about it!! Only $.57!! WOOHOO! Now that’s some good couponing!! I had a $1/1 coupon for the pasta and 2 $.30/1 coupons for the gummy bears. Haribo are THE BEST!! The coupon is gone, otherwise I’d tell you to print it and go buy some at Albies!! How did I get these expensive gummies to be less than $.30 each? Well, last week at Albertson’s it’s coupon round up week. any coupon over $.25 will automatically round up to $1!! I think they were about $1.29 per bag. I was totally psyched when I saw this deal on fabulously frugal!! thanks for sharing!:)

What deals have you found lately? There are some killer back to school deals going on this week!! If I have the energy I might be back later to share some with you:) You can check out my post last Friday to see a few of the deals this week.

Thanks for stopping by!!

One response to “Whatcha Doin’ Wednesday

  1. Kar says:

    You’re amazing!!

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