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30 Before 30

on November 8, 2012

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. My list has changed a lot since I first started, but I haven’t actually sat down to write everything out. I’m going to do that now…

1-3. Bean Bag frogs (I’m still going to make more of these.)

4-6. Aviator Hats (I’m going to make more of those too:)

7. Lil’ Gentleman’s Suit (It’s not available yet, I’m a tester for it so I get to play before anyone else does:) It’s fun being a tester)

8. Lil’ Long John pj’s

9. Doll Clothes (I bought a cute pattern at Hobby Lobby while I was in Vegas. I also have some tutorials on my sewing board on pinterest)

10. Baby/Doll Shoes ( I have a bunch of patterns on my pinterest sewing page)

11. Diaper Cover

12. Criss Cross Dress

13-15. Christmas PJ’s

16. Sophia Scallop Skirt

17. DIY Ironing board/cover

18. Bookshelf Curtains

19. Organizing bins

20. Tooth Fairy Pillow (Maybe this way we’ll actually remember to deliver the first night.)

21-23. Pillow Cases for boys with Matching Batman fabric

24. Scrap Tutu

25. Car Trash Bag

26. Adele 3 Tier Ruffle skirt

27. Teacher Aprons (I’m going to make 3 of these for my boys’ teachers.)

28. the Hopscotch Top

29. Maxi Skirt for me

30. Knit Flower Headband

This is my updated list. I am sticking to this list (for now) and hoping that I can pull it off! If I really think about it I can accomplish one of these a week. There are 24 weeks until my birthday. I have 24 sewing projects left. One project a week and I’ll get this done. I’m excited! I’m almost done with the suit. I’m hoping to be back next week with pictures.

Thanks for cheering me on during this fun adventure! I hope you will come back to see the finished projects. Thanks for stopping by!



2 responses to “30 Before 30

  1. Jeanne says:

    Wow, that sounds fun!
    That is a big list. I found some cute fabric I’d like to sew pillowcases for my little girls for Christmas. I haven’t made any for awhile, but I think that’s on the list for this year.

  2. Kar says:

    I’m excited to see these!!

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