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Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Easter Door Hanging

on March 20, 2013


I am so excited to show you this today!! I had a lot of fun making it yesterday! I found the idea on pinterest. I posted it to my Easter Ideas board and when I was out looking for supplies the other day I couldn’t find everything that I wanted so I improvised and changed it up a bit from the example.



This is it hanging on the door. I am SO in LOVE with how it turned out!! I was planning on making it look like the one from pinterest, but when I started putting it together I realized my frame was a lot bigger and my eggs were smaller. I had the paper flowers from a LONG time ago! I’ve been wondering what I was going to use them for and this was THE perfect project!!



I had my Silhouette cut out the little chicks and the grass and then hot glued them all to the frame.




Don’t you just LOVE this paper?!! I got it on super sale a  couple years ago and  I wish I would’ve grabbed more!!


I LOVE how the eggs turned out!! 🙂 I got them at the Dollar store!! They came in a twelve pack and they’re glittery. SO fun!


I am so glad I decided to make this instead of a normal wreath. It was so fun!! I’m sad it only is going to be up for 2 weeks, but I guess I can always use it again next year:)

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6 responses to “Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Easter Door Hanging

  1. Linda Janicki says:

    so how do you make the paper flowers?

    • meganblethen says:

      Great question, Linda!! I found a tutorial how to do it and now I don’t remember where it was! Haha. I’ll have to search for it and do a separate post on it soon.

  2. Aubry says:

    I love it!! Its so cute!! I want one!!

  3. Elizabeth G says:

    adorable!! great job Megs!

  4. That is so cute Megan! I really want to make one of these now!!

    Seamingly Smitten

  5. Andrea says:

    Very cute, love the extra sparkle that the glitter eggs give to this project! Stopping by from Small Things 🙂

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