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Let’s Get Organized ~ Craft Room

on April 1, 2013

Ok, yes, I know it’s a new month. I should be starting a new room, BUT since last week was spring break and all 3 boys were home and driving me crazy most of the day I didn’t get much accomplished that I wanted to. I actually don’t think I got ANYTHING accomplished! 😛 SO, I’m going to take this week to redo last weeks goals. I AM going to finish cleaning off my sewing desk this week and reorganize everything on it like I wanted too. I am also going to clean under the desk and quite possibly the fabric bookshelf that looks like a MESS!!

So, that is my plan for the week. I know you were probably looking forward to a longer more in depth post on this wonderful topic of cleaning and organizing my craft room, but seeing as it is already 1:00 pm and I still have yet to do my organizing of the said craft room for the day, I need to move on with life at the moment. Tomorrow I might come back and give you some before and after pictures. My scrapbook desk still is pretty clean.

OH, another big thing going on at my house right now….. I’m potty training my 2 and a half year old. So that’s also another reason why I need to go. We’re doing the whole sit-on-the-potty-every-30-minutes routine. It’s SPECIAL! Has he actually gone pee on the potty yet today?!! NO!!! BUT he did pee in the laundry room, luckily we have an old house and the floor is cementish with it leading downward into a drain. He peed conventiently close to the drain so it was all good! 🙂 I can’t wait for this to all be over!! If anyone wants to share potty training advice feel free!! I’m ALL EARS!!

Hope you’re having a not so Manic Monday:) Thanks for stopping by!


One response to “Let’s Get Organized ~ Craft Room

  1. Kar says:

    Oh jeez. Not looking forward to training Gage. I’m going to wait until he’s three. Since he and I can’t really….communicate. I figure I’d better wait. 🙂 My kids are home this week and KILLING ME already. Killing. me.

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