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I’ve Moved …. Again!

I know, I know, you’re sick of me changing my blog address. I’m getting tired of it too, believe me, it’s not free! LOL Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and now I have a brand spanking new self hosted website/blog! YAY!! I’ve been wanting to do this for a looong time, but I just couldn’t justify spending the money. Then, the hubs pointed out that a host company was having an AWESOME sale so we did it!

Now you can find me and all my fun projects over at the new and almost improved Crafty Meggy blog! It’s just now. No wordpress allowed in the address bar from now on! Yay!

Can you tell I’m excited?! Hehe. I have been working my tail off most of today (Friday) and will continue over the weekend and the coming weeks to make everything work right on the new blog. I ask that you please be patient and bear with me as I try to fix it all up. I’m trying to get all of you wonderful followers transfered over to the new sit so you don’t have to do anything. I’m crossing my fingers that it all goes well!

Thank you so much for being such wonderful readers and followers! I really look forward to your comments! Please come visit me over at my new blog!

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Let’s Get Organized ~ Summer Chores


We have been on summer break for about 3 weeks now. I wanted to get the summer chores enforced and our new summer schedule going when we got back from Reno a couple weeks ago, but I had a hard time getting my act together and wanting to enforce chores. I’ve been working on finishing up all the “paperwork” to go along with our schedule and chores and I finally got it up on Friday. I’m still working out the kinks and I’m sure I’ll change things up as the summer goes along. It’s all about trial and error, right? πŸ™‚

I am excited about this post, despite the fact that ! I am not that great about making my kids do chores. Those things that are so much easier for me to just do them and get them done quickly, you know them, right? I’m not one of those moms that has to have chores done PERFECTLY, but I am one of those moms that doesn’t want to stand around all day waiting for my kids to finish their chores.

SO, I went to the good old World Wide Web and did a Google search for Summer Chore Charts and Ideas. I found SO many good ideas and I wanted to do EVERY SINGLE one of them! BUT I had to choose just one, so my kids wouldn’t get too overwhelmed, and so that I wouldn’t either. There were two that really stood out to me and I kind of tweaked them to make them my own.

The first blog I went to was Organizing Made Fun. Becky is a GREAT blogger! She is one of the blogs that I LOVE to get daily emails from. I loved her idea of having the kids earn Media Minutes and I downloaded her 2 printables from her summer chore post. I know these will work great for my boys! they LOVE to just sit around and watch show after show after show. I’m not going to have ANY of that this summer!! I’m going to be on top of my job!!

The next blog I found was called Just Organize Yourself. I loved her summer chore post because it linked to a bunch of great ideas for chore charts. She goes into more detail on how she does her chores and lists in this post.

There were SO many more blogs that I found with great ideas! There were too many for me to read them all. A couple more I liked were Chicken Babies, Raising a Healthy Family and Homebody, she does a 3 part series called Summer Plan Mini Series:

*Rules and Consequences

*Kids Chores

*Fun Stuff

I also went on pinterest, of course!! I have already pinned a bunch of ideas and there was one that I’m definitely going to do, FINALLY! I’ve had it pinned ever since I opened my account I believe! LOL You can view my summer chore board HERE.

Chore Punch Cards ( I printed some off on my computer with cardstock and cut them out. Each kid starts the week out with one card and for every chore he does all the way AND the RIGHT way he’ll get a punch. Once the card is full he can cash it in for a prize. I have a prize box in my craft room that is overflowing. I’ve been saving up stuff for a while now.)

Chore Cards (I actually bought these cards a couple years ago. It was only $1.50 and she had them all written up and I didn’t have to do any work. I have never actually put them into use though so they are now going to come into play; although, I did tweak them to fit my needs. Each boy picks a chore card for the day and they also have to do one Kitchen job as well as all their morning and evening routine chores. The routine chores don’t count for the punch cards, though. Just the cleaning chores count. Depending on what Chore they are assigned on a certain day, they can earn more than 2 punches. I’m very optimistic that this will work!)

Are you ready to see all these things in ACTION??!! I have been hard at work in the last week getting everything organized and together and I am really proud of how it all turned out! It wasn’t anything fancy like some of the chore charts I admired on Just Organize Yourself, but it was easy and I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it. This week we will definitely be using all of these things I have talked about in this post, starting TODAY! I can’t wait! (Is it weird that I’m excited about getting my kids to do chores? I’m sure I will hate it after 10 seconds of instigating it! LOL)


This is what the chore area has looked like since school got out, pretty bare.


And this is what it looks like now!Β  What do you think? I laminated all the chore cards and then taped them onto the metal board with washi tape. I’ve been itching to use some of it and thought it was a pretty good idea to use it for this little project:) I got the idea for this on this blog and made it my own.

So, this is how I’ve thought it out, each kid has a pocket. They will always have an Evening and Morning checklist in their pocket so they can check everything off and get it initialed by Mom or Dad. At the beginning of each day I will have them randomly choose between 2 chores. I will assign who gets what kitchen chores. The Mom’s Choice chores will be done when needed. I’m not really sure if I’ll let those ones be a weekly thing or just when I feel like having them do it. That’s why they got a separate category.


These are all the chore cards I have printed up.


I have the media minute tickets in the blue holder that has the stickers and pencils, etc.


I found this cute calender on a blog while I was browsing summer chore charts. I edited it to fit our schedule.


These are the Chore Punch Cards I did up. I used a different color at the bottom for each boy, depending on what their favorite color is. I’m planning on throwing these out after they are filled up so I did not laminate them. If you want a free copy of these you can download them HERE.

We are hard at work keeping up with our new summer schedule and doing chores this morning. I will be back next week with a progress report πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great Monday!

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Pinterest Pick Friday ~ Bridesmaid Up Do


Are you surprised to see me blogging today?!! I’m surprised myself!! I just got home from Reno on Monday, where I photographed my sister’s wedding and a bunch of other fun family stuff we did that weekend! It was a LOT of fun, but boy am I TIRED!!! I have a feeling it will take me a while to get rid of that feeling too! πŸ™‚


Anyway, I kind of cheated with this pinterest pick because I didn’t actually do it myself…. Since my sister was getting married she made hair and make-up appointments for my sisters, cousin, aunt, mom and me at a local beauty college. We all went with an idea of what we wanted our hair to look like. OF COURSE I turned to my favorite source for ideas, Pinterest! πŸ™‚ This is what I found when I searched for bridesmaid hair:



I LOVED the bun in the first one and the curly hair in the second one. I showed my stylist the two pictures and she got to work. How long did it take??!! TWO HOURS!! Then they also did my makeup! I was almost late for the wedding! (Well, not really, but the bride had to wait for me to put on her dress so I could take pics. It was stressing me out how long it took!!)


And here’s the finished version of my hair! I LOVED how it turned out!Β  Isn’t it just gorgeous?!! Who knew my hair could look this pretty? I don’t think I’ve ever had an up-do done before.

There were so many bobby pins in my hair and it was so heavy on my head I was afraid I would have a HUGE headache by the end of the day, but I didn’t! It was GREAT!! I didn’t even have a slight headache! I was SO happy! The pictures went well during and after the wedding. I’m excited to show you how they turned out! I’ve been working on them this week so hopefully I’ll have some to show you next week.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend!! πŸ™‚

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Let’s Get Organized ~ Summer Schedule & Plans

Well, we made it through another year of school and my 2 school age boys are now home FULL TIME! It’s officially SUMMER in our house! YAY!! Oh, wait, that means I have to be around them all day. And break up fights and tantrums and here the endless whining…. *SIGH*

I will say this: I LOVE my kids. Very. Much. BUT, that being said, my two older ones are getting to the age where they LOVE to bother each other or their little brother. They LOVE to fight, or so it seems. They LOVE to whine and complain and make messes… so, when people have been asking me if I’m excited for summer I say “NO!!!”

Am I a horrible mom for feeling that way? I feel bad that I don’t enjoy summer as much as I could, but when you spend most of your days yelling at your kids to STOP yelling (LOL I wonder why they yell haha) and fighting and bothering each other, it’s just not that enjoyable. Last year we went on a LOOONNNGGG vacation to CA and Vegas. It was AWESOME and I think it helped the summer pass fast! This year we have a few plans; my sis is getting married June 1st in Reno and we’re going! Wooo!, I’ve signed the boys up for a couple of different sports and camps, but for the most part we will be stuck at home. I am wracking my brain thinking of ways not to go crazy with all 3 wild and crazy boys of mine in the same house 24 hours a day for 3 months straight!! Here is what I came up with:

I have mapped out a daily schedule. I’m not really a stickler when it comes to schedules. I usually plan out my days, BUT they never seem to go how I plan. With the new summer schedule I wanted to basically give myself an idea of what I want to have accomplished in a certain time frame. I will more than likely be flexible, but we WILL get all chores done before they can play or do anything exciting.

Our daily schedule during the summer will go something like this:

6-9am ~ wake up, eat breakfast, get ready for the day, TV time (WHY on earth would I list 6am as a possible wake up hour?!! Well, I only have ONE out of THREE children that actually sleeps in!! *SIGH* SO there is a big possibility that I will still have the same hours of sleep as I do during the school year. BIG possibility!)

(I say TV time because I often will get up at 6 with the 2 boys that are early birds and let them watch TV until Jonas wakes up. I also let them watch TV on the iPad we have in the kitchen during breakfast.)

9-10am ~ Choretime. I am working on chore charts for all 3 boys and hopefully will come back soon with a post just about that!

10am-12pm ~ Activity/Outside Playtime!! This will be the time that we do all those fun activities I have planned for us this summer (I guess I better start thinking!!). The cheap theater in town does a movie pass during the summer so I always buy one. They play the movies on Thursday – Saturday at 10am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm. I will mostly likely find a babysitter for Tinian when we do this activity. We will go play at the park and do picnics, ride bikes, play in the backyard. Oh, and swimming is high on the agenda! πŸ™‚ Brynnan keeps asking me when they can start doing lessons!

If I don’t have anything planned they will have mandatory playtime outside. Maybe we’ll even do a mandatory picnic in the backyard every week πŸ™‚ I am considering buying a trampoline again. I am also thinking of putting out a wading pool for them to easily have access to. Brynnan keeps asking if we have a pool. He remembers the one I bought for his birthday 2 years ago that we haven’t used since. It’s one of those blow up ones that I used to have to do by myself because we didn’t have anything to blow it up but a little air pump. Now we have a shop vac so it will hopefully be NICE and EASY to blow that sucker up!

12pm ~ Lunchtime! (12:30-ish) After lunch, before Tini goes down for his nap, I will read to the boys. Once I’ve put Tinian down for a nap the boys will read by themselves for 20 minutes. Then, they can have their Free time, see below.

1-3pm ~ Tinian ~ naptime, Jonas and Brynnan ~ Freetime. Free time could mean anything! They can play outside, go to a friends house, have a friend come over and play, art time at the table, or video game/computer game time (which they WILL have to earn each day by doing daily chores.)

3-5pm ~ MORE Outside Play!! πŸ™‚ (During this time I will have them play in the backyard so I can get work done or have some alone time.)

5-6pm ~ TV time. (While Mark and I, wait, who am I kidding?, while Mark prepares dinner they can watch a little TV, if they want to. Tinian and Brynnan would probably play outside all day! πŸ™‚ I haven’t decided if this is free or if they have to earn this TV time.)

6-7pm ~ Dinner and clean up. Jonas and Brynnan will take turns helping me clean up after dinner. I haven’t fully decided on how this will work yet. I’m thinking that they will switch off days, like, Jonas helps me wash the dishes M,W,F and Brynnan clears the table and washes it off on those days. Jonas will clear of the table and wash it on T, T, Sat and Brynnan do the dishes.

If there is time left before 7 we can do something as a family, play a board game or video game or whatever. Maybe just sit and watch TV together. I just want us to be together as a family.

7-8pm ~ Bedtime Prep. Our boys ALWAYS go to bed at 8! Even during the summer! Why? We have found that with a consistent sleeping schedule they are happier. Sometimes we stretch it past 8:00 and it’s not too bad, but if the boys go to bed any later than 9:00 they are usually REALLY crabby the next day! ALSO, this allows for Mark and I to have 2 hours of time alone before we go to bed.

I think that I want to start reading the scriptures with them before they go to bed, which is another reason why we would start getting them ready at 7:00. It allows us time to get everything done and not feel rushed.

So there you have it. Our tentative Summer Schedule. Today is the first day I will be implementing it so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m kind of excited! I can’t wait to share with you what I came up with to make chores FUN!! πŸ™‚

Come back on Wednesday to see what my amazing guest blogger, One Artsy Mama, has to show you!


A Little Honesty and Unplugging

A good blogging friend of mine, Amy from One Artsy Mama, wrote up a post about a game she and her husband made up called the “honestly game”. Go on over to her blog and read about it! I LOVE the idea!

Soooo…. today we’re going to play the honestly game.

Honestly, I’ve known for a long time that I’ve been neglecting my family and house responsibilities because of my crafty blog and all the crafting and fun stuff I’ve been wanting to do over the last 8 months or more. I kept telling myself that once I got my 30 sewing projects done before my 30th birthday everything would go back to normal. The only thing is that, this new way of doing things by neglecting everything, WAS the new NORMAL. How do you go back to the old way if you can’t really remember it?

It’s hard for me to balance both blogging/crafting and being the mom/wife at the same time so I am going to focus on my family in the coming weeks and getting back to life as usual. It’s really hard being a blogger. I first did it for fun and it has kind of turned into something more. I still really enjoy sharing all the crafty things I do, but I also feel like I HAVE to blog and if I don’t then I’ve failed. So, I’m going to work on enjoying blogging again as well during this little break. I’m hoping to come back in mid-June full force. I might pop in every once in a while to update you on something. I DO have to give you a bathroom reveal post…. I’ve been putting that one off for WAY too long!!

So, I won’t be totally gone, just a little. I have some fun stuff up my sleeves for when I get back, like a sew-along, which I’m totally excited about!! And I also have some amazing guest bloggers that will pop up in the next couple of weeks too, so look forward to that!

Oh, and honestly, I know that I blog every Monday about my organizing plans for the week, but the last month or so, I haven’t been getting it all accomplished. I’m lucky if I get one thing from my list accomplished! My organizing and cleaning mojo has gone out the window!! I hope that by not holding myself to such high expectations every day I will be able to get back on track with it all!

Now it’s your turn to be honest! Tell us something you’ve been afraid to say. I’ve been putting this off for way too long. My family is REALLY what matters!

I hope you’ll keep coming back and that I won’t lose you completely! You can subscribe to my RSS feed so you’ll know when I do put up a new post. I really appreciate all the nice and wonderful comments you leave! It honestly makes my day!! Thank you so much for helping my blog grow!


Birthday Bash Cont. ~ 30 Before 30

If you’re just showing up today, don’t forget to enter my Birthday Bash giveaway!!

I know you’re just DYING to know whether I completed my 30 sewing projects before I turn 30 challenge. And guess what?!!! I DID!!! I’m Soooooo excited about it! When I originally came up with the idea I had a completely different list of what I wanted to sew. I warned you that my list would change. I mean, let’s face it, I’m a woman and I like to change my mind! πŸ™‚ This was the first post I wrote up about the challenge and I kept you updated every so often on how I was doing. It has been a lot of fun for me, but honestly, it has also been stressful. I felt like I needed to accomplish 30 different sewing projects for it to really mean something, but once it got down to the wire, I just didn’t have the time to create 30 different projects!!

I am really proud of myself for doing this. And really, I have done SO many more than just 30 sewing projects! I have made multiples of many of the projects and actually some of them I counted more than once. I’m excited to say that last week alone I made 6 pillowcase dresses and 5 shorts for the boys and girls in Uganda. I’m going to make a bunch more shorts in the coming weeks and probably more dresses as well! If you’re interested in helping out with this cause you can find out more information on Project Yesu’s website or on their facebook page.

Here is my completed list of the sewing projects:

30 Sewing Projects Before I Turn 30:

1. Aviator hat for Jonas(2)*

2. Aviator hat for Brynnan

3. Aviator hat for Tinian

4. Bean bag frogs for Jonas

5. Bean bag frogs for Brynnan

6. Bean bag frogs for Lynn

7. Lil Gentleman’s suit

8. Burp Cloths (6)

9. Batman PJ pants

10. Ruffle Tote Bag

11. Winter pj’s for Brynnan

12. Valentine’s Day Sew Along Dress

13. Sun Hat

14. Character PJ’s for Jonas

15. 3 Tiered Ruffle Skirt

16. Ruffles Galore Play & Party Pants

17. Knot Overalls

18. Puddle Jumper Rain coat

19. Super Hero Cape Jonas

20. Super Hero Cape Brynnan

21. Guitar Strap

22. Completely Pleated dress

23. Zig Zag dress

24. Zig Zag dress

25. Boys swim trunks

26. Criss Cross Dress

27. Diaper Bloomers (matching Criss Cross Dress)

28. Boys shorts (for project Yesu) (5)

29. Girlfriend Clutch

30. Pillowcase Dress (for project Yesu) (6)

*I made 2 more aviator hats at Christmas time for 2 of my nephews. I also made 2 extra hats to sell in my Etsy shop.

I am also going to share with you pictures of all of my completed sewing projects. I know that I’ve done posts on most of these projects already, but I thought it would be cool to have you see them all in one post πŸ™‚ So, here we go:




Yay!! I’m so excited to be done with this challenge. The last week has been great! I finally dedicated myself to making the pillowcase dresses and even the shorts as well!

What sewing projects are you working one now? My next one will be a cover for our Kitchenaid. After that I better get started on the boys’ Christmas gifts! (Mario quilts)

Well, Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!! Tons of winners! Hope you have a great day!


Birthday Bash & Giveaway

Good morning! I know that Monday’s are normally reserved for my organizing posts, but today is SPECIAL! It’s my 30th Birthday!! Woohoo!! I LOVE birthdays, don’t you?! AND I love being pampered on my birthday:) hehe

I’ve been kind of nervous and excited about this birthday. It’s the big 3-0. I’m no longer “young” anymore. I’ve crossed that threshold and I’m not sure what the future will bring, BUT, I’m still celebrating my heart out, none the less, and I thought it would be fun to have a birthday giveaway for all of my wonderful followers!! I have some very fun prizes to giveaway and I’ve made some wonderful friends in the process!! I can’t wait to see who wins what!

Soooo…. without further ado, here are the prizes and the bloggers giving them away. I’ve included a little blurb so you can get to know them. Please go visit their blogs and say “Hello!”. If you make it to the end of this post the giveaway will be there πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

First up we have, Susan from Organized 31, who is giving away the cutest zippered pouch!! I LOVE the little animals!


Hello, I’m Susan. I’m married to my dedicated active duty Air Force husband and have 3 wonderful children. I’ve moved into 27 different homes and have organized homes in 12 states and 3 foreign countries. I’ve been everything from an Air Force officer, to a Parent Educator, to a stay-at-home mom, with many other experiences along the way. I believe that life is better when organized.

Next up is Jenn, from Thoughts, Rants and Art, who is giving away a bracelet and earring set. I love it!


Hello there, I’m Jenn! I’m an artist and designer living in Annapolis, MD. I dabble in anything that could be considered a creative hobby. I sell my jewelry and some collages on etsy and I blog about art, food and life on my blog Thoughts, Rants and Art.

Chrystie from Pocket Full of Posies is giving away a CUTE Journal Card Mini Scrapbook. She blogged about it here so you can view what it looks like on the inside. I am just in LOVE with all her little mini albums!! I won one of them, which you can view on her blog too. Here’s Chrystie:


Hi, I’m Chrystie! I am married to a wonderful man who loves me back. I have 4 awesome kids, who get along well most of the time! I homeschool and love it! And in my spare time I Scrap and Craft like crazy! I also LOVE photograpy!

Deanna at From Wine to Whine is also here to giveaway a FREE snapfish 5×7 photo book!


Hi, I’m Dee. I am a late twenty something, pin-a-holic Mom to a beautiful little girl and a step mom to a wonderfully well-rounded teen. When I can find a few free moments from the busy work we call life, I enjoy DIYing, couponing and crafting wearable/usableΒ things…and let’s not forget my best work happens while enjoying an adult beverage or two!

And last, but not least, since this is the reason all these great prizes are available, is me, Crafty Meggy! I will be giving away an adorable button headband as well as three 30% off coupons to my Etsy shop!


And, you all know me, right? If you don’t, you can learn more on my about page. I hope you’ll stick around and become a new friend!

So, that’s 8 winners total!! Hurry up and enter! The giveaway ends Thursday, May 2nd at midnight. There are a few of the entries that can be done each day, so come back and keep entering! ALSO, I have a fun post planned for each day of the week! What a treat, right?!! I have a couple guest bloggers scheduled and I can’t wait for you to meet them! They are AWESOME! πŸ™‚

What are you waiting for? Click the link below and it will take you to the gateway to win some awesome prizes (I know, I’m really weird, but it is my birthday so cut me some slack:) hehe).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh, I almost forgot!! Someone else is having a birthday today and you can receive 20% off on a purchase from them today! AND they’re offering 6 amazing items!! Yes, it’s true, head on over to Pick Your Plum‘s facebook page to grab the coupon code and start shopping!!

ALSO, since this is a birthday BASH, I’m going to give you a coupon code to use in my Etsy shop for today only! You can receive 30% off your total order! I hope you’ll come on over and celebrate with me! πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy some cake, or something sweet. Hey, it is my birthday, you can celebrate too:)


Let’s Get Organized ~ Decluttering the House

I know we’re still in the month of April and I wanted to keep to one room a month, but some stuff has changed. We have decided that we want to sell our house and it is in MAJOR need of decluttering, dejunking and organizing!! SO, this week I’m going to be changing things up a bit.

Here’s the list of everything we need to do to get our house show worthy:

*Clean up desks

~ tools

~CD’s & DVD’s

~ Harddrives

~Boxes under Mark’s desk

*Clean up movie shelves in basement

*Clean craft room shelves

*Clean fabric on bookcase in craft room

*Paint Touch ups

~ old craft area wall

~ wall around dogs old bed

~ Kitchen wall and baseboards

~Bedroom walls and baseboards

~ Hallway walls and baseboards

~ Window wells in basement (3)

Things we need to put in storage or throw/giveaway:

Laundry room




Craft room/Toy room




~frames not in use

~containers & baskets not in use

Living room

~ Green chair

~ Target shelf

~Rocking chair

Boys Room

~ Diaper changing table

~ Old clothes that don’t fit

~ Bookshelf

~ Diaper trash can

Master Bedroom

~Everything in the corner that doesn’t have a home

~ bookcase


~ table (make smaller and keep clean!! )

~ Lazy susan in storage

~Clutter on table, wall by stairs and counters

WHEW!! That was a LONG list!! *SIGH* I’m sure it will only get longer as we clean up and realize how much more we need to do. I’m going to have to go through all the toys and only keep the ones the boys ACTUALLY play with. I have a HARD time giving up their toys. I always feel like, if I sell them or give them away, they’ll ask for them and want to actually play with them. No matter how little they play with them now! lol so, yeah, I have a problem keeping toys. I finally let go of all our baby toys last year, but I’m still kind of sad about that! I have a basket full of toys that I want to sell in the laundry room, I just need to take pictures and put up an ad on Craigslist.

Does anyone else use craigslist? We do all the time! I even have an app for it on my phone, which makes life so much easier! Just snap all the pictures with your phone and load them into the app. Easy!!

Anyway, so, this week I am going to be decluttering rooms and going through toys. Monday I’m going to start with the laundry room. We have tons of boxes we’ve been saving for moving, so most of those I will put into storage to save for when it actually happens. I have some boxes of papers and other things I need to go through that I’ll put in storage too. I’ll go through the toys and take pictures and post on Craigslist.

We already have a storage unit, but it’s REALLY small so I’ll have to go to the office tomorrow and pay for a bigger one. We’re going to be putting some chairs from the living room in it so we’ll need a semi big one. I’ll want to buy some plastic covers to put on the chairs, too. It gets pretty dirty inside the storage unit!

Tuesday I’ll work in the Master bedroom. There’s not much to do/get rid of in there so I’ll probably work in the kitchen that day too.

Wednesday ~ Boys room

Thursday ~ Living room

Friday ~ Craft room

We have a meeting with a Realtor on Saturday so hopefully we can get everything cleaned up and looking nice. We already have pictures to give him, but I’ll feel so much better if the house is ready to show!! πŸ™‚

I’m also have to start keeping up with my cleaning schedule better!! I can’t slack off! I’ve been bad about doing that lately, especially since I’ve been sick. I’ll be deep cleaning the upstairs bathroom and cleaning up the garage. There’s stuff everywhere in there!! *SIGH*

I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I just need to not think about how much I have to do and JUST DO IT!!

It’s also Kids Clothing Week so I’m participating in this fun sewing challenge. You can read more about it on their blog or facebook page. I’ll be working on pillowcase dresses and shorts for the kids in Uganda. I have a special post scheduled for Wednesday all about Project Yesu and this wonderful cause, so I hope you’ll come back! Mallory, the girl who founded Project Yesu, is stopping by to say hi! She’s such a great girl and it’s been fun getting to know her through this project!

Do you have any tips for me while I prepare to sell my house? I would love you to email me or link up posts you’ve done on moving or selling your house! I appreciate any help or advice you have!! πŸ™‚

Here are a couple links that I will be referring to as I declutter and clean our house this week; the best cleaning tips board on pinterest & 10 foolproof ways to reduse clutter by i Dream of Clean. Jenn, over at Clean & Scentsible, also has a great post on organizing a kitchen command center. I don’t really have room for that in my small kitchen, so I will be doing some different things for that. Delightful Order is also a VERY helpful blog in organizing tasks! She does a monthly room, just like Jenn and her lists and posts are very helpful.

Well, thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great week! Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday! πŸ™‚

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Let’s Get Organized! ~ Master Bedroom

Well, hello there!! Fancy seeing you! πŸ™‚ How was your weekend? I hope better than mine! I spent most of mine sleeping, which would’ve been nice if I wasn’t sick!! πŸ˜› BUT I am glad to report I’m feeling MUCH better now, all I have left is a soar throat and a stuffy nose. I HATE soar throats. I get them ALL the time!! I’mΒ  serious too! Throughout the course of a year I will have about 20 soar throats, possibly more. It’s annoying, but I guess it’s better than being bedridden sick.

ANYWAY, this week we are continuing our organizing in the master bedroom. Last week I deep cleaned my mattress, cleaned the window and blinds and the fan. I also accomplished some of my monthly organizing chores; I cleaned under the kitchen sink, the medicine cabinet and the fridge.

This week my goals are …

*Clean out shoes in master closet

*Clean off shelves in master closet and reorganize

*Organize scarves & clothes in master closet

*Deep clean ALL bedding & pillows

My monthly cleaning goals for the week are …

*Organize pantry

*Clean & organize Garage

*Wipe down washer & dryer

*Deep clean bathrooms

I’m actually looking forward to cleaning out my closet!! It needs to be done so badly! I want to come up with a better way to organize my shoes, especially. I just kind of throw them on the floor in the closet. It’s getting old. I also should put away my winter clothes and pull out the warmer weather stuff. I know it’s not getting really hot around here, but it’s warm enough that I don’t want to wear long sleeves every day!

What are you planning on organizing this week? I would love to hear all about it!! Leave a comment telling us or a link to your blog post if you have one!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!! πŸ™‚


Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Zig Zag Tunic & Other Sewing

Tunic is such a weird word, right? It just sounds wrong. LOL BUT I do think tunics are cute for little girls. I’ve bought a couple different patterns that can be made into a dress or a tunic and I have yet to make either one of them. They’re CUTE, but I don’t have any girls to sew for so I’m not always that excited to sew them, even though I know I am, if that makes any sense at ALL!

Anyway, last week I was contacted by a blogger/designer that I admire, Kate, from See Kate Sew. She had a new pattern and needed some testers. I immediately replied saying I would LOVE to test the pattern for her and volunteered for a size 4T. I’ve been wanting to make my niece something cute and easy for a LONG time, so this would give me the opportunity and also FORCE me to get it done quickly! There’s only 3 more weeks until my birthday and I still have 10 sewing projects to finish!! Aaaaaahhhh!! (Well, that was before I started sewing this tunic. I am currently down to 8 and a half! Wooohooo!)

I knew which fabric to use when I got the email. I’ve been dying to use it since I bought it about 6 months ago.

…… It wasn’t a great success. I was very sad and frustrated about the outcome. It wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own. I would work on it at night and stay up late and when I do that I don’t always make the best choices. *SIGH* SO, here’s that first attempt with the fabric I’ve been dying to use:


I’m not done with it. I have to undo half of it before I can salvage it. I’m going to take off the ribbon and not put anything around the waist.


The ribbon you see on the waist was supposed to be piping, but I couldn’t find any that I really liked so when I got home from the fabric store I found this ribbon and decided it would look cute. The only problem was that I couldn’t see it as I was sewing so it turned out all uneven and you can’t really even see it in some places.

Since I was testing the pattern for a designer I decided to start all over again. I wasn’t up for fixing what I messed up. LOL The second time around I skipped the piping & ribbon all together and just made the tunic plain.


It turned out SO MUCH better!! What do you think?


I spent FOREVER working on these pictures today! I just couldn’t get them too look the way I wanted. BUT I finally got it and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. The original pictures look NOTHING like this!! hehe


My favorite part of the pictures is the dress!! Or tunic, I should say. I just LOVE how it worked out with this fabric!! I bought it at Hobby Lobby in Vegas over the summer and when I was in Boise a couple months after that I HAD to buy more of it. Isn’t it just darling??!! I’m SO in LOVE with yellow and grey right now.

And, in honor of my birthday in 2 weeks and 5 days, I thought I’d also share with you my list of sewing projects. My birthday is on April 29th and it’s fast approaching! I can’t believe it!! And I’m completely stressing out about it. WHY, oh, WHY do I procrastinate so??!!

30 Sewing Projects Before I Turn 30:

1. Aviator hat for Jonas

2. Aviator hat for Brynnan

3. Aviator hat for Tinian

4. Bean bag frogs for Jonas

5. Bean bag frogs for Brynnan

6. Bean bag frogs for Lynn

7. Lil Gentleman’s suit

8. Burp Cloths

9. Batman PJ pants

10. Ruffle Tote Bag

11. Winter pj’s for Brynnan

12. Valentine’s Day Sew Along Dress

13. Sun Hat

14. Character PJ’s for Jonas

15. 3 Tiered Ruffle Skirt

16. Ruffles Galore Play & Party Pants

17. Knot Overalls

18. Puddle Jumper Rain coat

19. Super Hero Cape JonasΒ Β Β Β 

20. Super Hero Cape Brynnan

21. Guitar Strap

22. knot Overalls

23. zig zag dress

24. zig zag dress

25. Boys swim trunks

26. Pillowcase Dress (for project Yesu)

27. Pillowcase Dress (for project Yesu)

28. Boys shorts (for project Yesu)

29. Boys shorts (for project Yesu)

30. Dino blanket for Tini

So, there you have it. My final 30 Before 30 sewing list. I’m sure it will change even in the next couple weeks, so I actually can’t say FINAL until the day of my birthday!! BUT, it feels good to have so many of the projects crossed off!! Tomorrow I’m finishing some knot overalls for a customer and possibly starting on the boys swim trunks (another pattern I’m testing! Yay!). I’ll be back next week to talk more about Project Yesu. I’m really excited about helping out with it!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope your sewing and crafting adventures are going well!! I’d love you to post links in the comments to your current projects!! I will be starting a link party very SOON and I can’t wait for you all to start sharing what you make on there!!

Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday! πŸ™‚