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Pinterest Pick Friday ~ Bridesmaid Up Do


Are you surprised to see me blogging today?!! I’m surprised myself!! I just got home from Reno on Monday, where I photographed my sister’s wedding and a bunch of other fun family stuff we did that weekend! It was a LOT of fun, but boy am I TIRED!!! I have a feeling it will take me a while to get rid of that feeling too! πŸ™‚


Anyway, I kind of cheated with this pinterest pick because I didn’t actually do it myself…. Since my sister was getting married she made hair and make-up appointments for my sisters, cousin, aunt, mom and me at a local beauty college. We all went with an idea of what we wanted our hair to look like. OF COURSE I turned to my favorite source for ideas, Pinterest! πŸ™‚ This is what I found when I searched for bridesmaid hair:



I LOVED the bun in the first one and the curly hair in the second one. I showed my stylist the two pictures and she got to work. How long did it take??!! TWO HOURS!! Then they also did my makeup! I was almost late for the wedding! (Well, not really, but the bride had to wait for me to put on her dress so I could take pics. It was stressing me out how long it took!!)


And here’s the finished version of my hair! I LOVED how it turned out!Β  Isn’t it just gorgeous?!! Who knew my hair could look this pretty? I don’t think I’ve ever had an up-do done before.

There were so many bobby pins in my hair and it was so heavy on my head I was afraid I would have a HUGE headache by the end of the day, but I didn’t! It was GREAT!! I didn’t even have a slight headache! I was SO happy! The pictures went well during and after the wedding. I’m excited to show you how they turned out! I’ve been working on them this week so hopefully I’ll have some to show you next week.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend!! πŸ™‚

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Last Day of School!! ~ Teacher Scrapbooks

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a couple photos having to do with teacher scrapbooks I’ve been working on this week. I’m finally ready to show them off! πŸ™‚


I’ve been planning on making each teacher a scrapbook all year long. I Finally took pictures of the class last week and I printed them off onΒ  Monday this week. I’ve been working on putting the pictures on cute paper and stamping names on the pages for the past 2 days!! I finally finished yesterday and I am here to show you the finished projects. I LOVE them!! They aren’t as FANCY as the scrapbooks I made last year. I did those ones on the computer so it was easier to make them look fancy. Paper scrapbooking is HARD compared to digital!! BUT, I was determined to do something different this year, since my 1st grader has the same teacher as my older boy had last year. I didn’t want her to get the same scrapbook with different picture. I’m a perfectionist like that. So, here you go:


I bought some cute We R memory keepers 4×6 journal cards at Target and used them because they were already decorated cute. All I had to do was glue on the picture!


Oh, I did use some of my new washi tape for this page because it was a little bland. Still easy peasy!


I used a friends stamps to embellish the top page a little bit.


And my cutie is on the bottom of the above picture πŸ™‚


We did a big class picture as well.


And at the end of the whole scrapbook I put in a little extra journal card for them to write down their favorite things about the year if they want.


So, that’s my first graders teacher scrapbook. I’m really emotional about not having a first grader anymore! I’ll miss the teacher! She has been a lot of fun to work with and get to know!


Now moving onto my 2nd graders teacher scrapbook. He has a HUGE class!! 28 kids!! So her book took a little bit longer to complete than Brynnan’s!




My cutie, Jonas, in the picture above.




Aren’t these journal cards just THE cutest?!! I have some left over so I can’t wait to use them!! IF I ever get around to scrapbooking! lol



I had FUN with the stamps my friend lent me! πŸ™‚




And that’s it! I’m going to put them into bags and write a nice Thank you note to them. My friend, Karlenn, has an Etsy shop where she sells her cards and she is SO amazing at it!! I LOVE her cards! I only buy them from her, never the store. NEVER again from the store!! πŸ™‚ Yes, that’s how good she is! And they’re the same price as buying them at the store! So, go over and visit Kar’s Kards today!!

Anyway, sorry for the detour there. I had to give a shout out to my bestie! πŸ™‚ I hope you’re having a great week! If your kids are still in school I hope all goes well with the last few weeks and if you want to do something like this for a teacher it’s really simple!! Just buy some journal cards like I did and slap in some pictures. If you don’t have a picture of each kid in the class you could scrapbook pictures from throughout the year if you went into the class to help out or something. I always have my phone with me to snap pictures every time I go in! Just in case! πŸ™‚

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! Thanks for stopping by!!


Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Spring Raincoat


Can you believe Spring is already here? This past week has been soooooo NICE!! I LOVE having 50 degree weather in April!! Although there have been a couple GLUM days this month, so far, it’s better than I thought April would be! πŸ™‚

I have something very fun for today! You all know that I LOVE sewing and I have my 30 sewing projects before I turn 30 that I’m trying to complete in the next week and a half. I’m getting down to the wire here! I kind of felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas for a long time on this little challenge of mine. It seemed like my birthday would never come, but, alas it’s almost here and I still have a couple more projects to complete!

Today I’m going to share a raincoat I made for my 6 year old about a month ago. I am so IN LOVE with it!! But, it wasn’t the easiest thing to make! In fact, if my other 2 kids really want one, I will probably just go out and BUY them one. That’s how hard and frustrating this pattern was! I don’t really think it was the designers fault either, I think it was mainly the laminate cotton fabric I used. It was SO HARD to work with! I threw my hands up and walked away more than three times! It took me 3 days and MANY hours to complete, but I got it done and I’m VERY proud of the way it turned out!!

And Brynnan LOVES it!!





I think this is my favorite picture of him in it, but it also makes me cringe when I look at it. Not because of my cute little boy, but because of what happened AFTER I took this picture! ….

Long story short… I always take about 50 pictures of one pose, especially of my kids, to make sure I get ONE that is just PERFECT. Well, in the process of taking those 50 pictures Brynnan was moving around a lot. At one point his legs were in the position they are in the above picture, but the rest of his body was falling over to the left of the picture. WELLLLLL, there was a nail sticking out at an odd angle, Brynnan’s coat got caught on it and resulted in two small rips in the back of the coat!! AAAHHHH!! It wasn’t his fault, I’m not mad at him, but it happened. I should’ve known better than to have him actually LEAN against the old wood fence! πŸ˜› I still have yet to patch it up. I’m very tempted to just buy some white duck tape and draw some black dots on it so I don’t have to sew it up! LOL


The red circles are where the 2 rips are. You can barely see them in the picture. Sorry!! I promise they are really there!

Here are a few pictures of the inside.



I just LOVE the fabric I picked out! The Jo-Ann’s in Idaho Falls doesn’t have a huge selection of laminated cotton so the dots was as good as I was going to find, but the inside fabric I could pretty much choose whatever I wanted. I thought the blue and green would look cute with the white and black. It was knit, so of course it would be soft and cozy, which is what I wanted for the inside of the rain coat.


The lining fabric on the inside stops quite a ways before the end of the sleeve. I like that because then hopefully the lining won’t get so wet.

I’m happy with the results, but VERY glad to be done with it! Maybe I’ll try making another one in a couple more years. Once I get more sewing experience under my belt!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re having a Wonderful Wednesday!!


Whatcha Craftin’ ~ St. Patrick’s Day Knot Overalls


I was contacted by Whimsy Couture Patterns to test sew a new pattern for her and send her some professional photos. She let me decide what size to make so I chose to do a small size, 3-6 months. I’m so glad I did that size!! I think little baby clothes are just SO cute and FUN to work with! And then I get to take pictures of a cute baby wearing what I made! It has a sense of satisfaction to it that I just can’t explain.

Anyway, I really enjoyed making these overalls and plan on making some more. In fact, the mom of the baby that modeled them for me ordered a size bigger for her baby girl for the summer! CUTE!! She told me I could pick out the fabric and everything!! YAY!! So I’ll sew those up in the next week and totally come back and share how they turned out!! πŸ™‚

Ok, I keep getting side tracked, but here are the cute overalls on the precious baby:

_MG_8221Β  _MG_8255


Isn’t she just adorable?!! I LOVE taking pictures of happy baby’s! It makes my job as a photographer so easy and FUN! πŸ™‚ She was so sweet and smiley the whole time! It was great! I can’t wait to get started on sewing her pair of overalls!

I am hosting a special link party again of one of my bloggy friends tomorrow so I will be posting Tasty Thursday tonight. Come back and check out the fun and easy recipe my sis has picked out this week!

Thanks for stopping by today!!


Christmas Special

I know this is a craft blog and usually I only write about Crafty stuff, but today I’m making an exception. Christmas is coming fast and I want to get the word out about my photography special I’m running for the month of December.

Did you know I was a professional photographer? Well, I am! And I LOVE it! It’s seriously, THE best job EVER!:) And I would love to be busy doing it this month and help people get their Christmas cards done! So, head on over to my photography blog to check out this awesome special! I am in the Idaho Falls, ID area, but am willing to travel. If you have a question as to how far, just give me a call!:)

And just so you can see what our Christmas card looked like last year I’ll post it here for you:


We took this picture in my living room, of all places! My husband is the graphic designer and he is AMAZING at his job!! So, don’t wait! Pick up that phone!


Watcha Craftin’ ~ Aviator Hat

I was on Facebook earlier in September and one of my newest favorite pattern shops, Peek-a-Boo Patterns, was needing some help. She had some new patterns that she wanted a photographer to make and then photograph for her. In return I would get the pattern for free. I jumped on the opportunity and she accepted my offer.

The pattern she gave me was for the Aviator Cap. Isn’t it adorable? I thought it would be fun to make matching hats for the boys, so, I did:)
Here they are (minus the one for Jonas. He was being difficult, so I settled with the somewhat willing 2 boys I had left:) lol):

I LOVE this last picture, they aren’t smiling, but it is completely their personalities. Tinian is always so serious. Trying to get him to hold still for just a few pictures was so hard! I’m really surprised I even got this picture!! It’s pretty good for a 2 year old:)

Here are some pictures of the process:

Starting out with the first stitches.

The outside of the hat all sewn together.

And here’s the inside lining all sewn up.

Sewing the two together.

All that’s left is turning the hat right side out and stitching it closed by hand.

I really love the way they turned out! I can’t wait for the boys to be able to use them this winter!:)

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you’re finding time to do your own crafting! Link us up to any projects you’ve been working on. I’d love to see them!


Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Crafts & Photography

I’m busy. Busy as a bee. BUT I haven’t really had time to write up a post about what I’ve been doing so I’ll just show you snip-its and do a more detailed post down the road.

The boys wanted some new bookmarks so Mark made some in Illustrator and we printed them out and cut them on the Silhouette. I will have these available for you soon. I’ll do a tut on them:) Didn’t they turn out great?!! The boys LOVES them!!

I’m still chugging along on the Mario brothers quilts for the boys. I’ve decided that they won’t be ready for Christmas, though. There’s just NO WAY I could finish all three of them in 3 months!! I just have too much going on! I almost have all the peices cut up though, just about 1000 more 2×2 squares to go:)

The new idea I have for their Christmas present are these Aviator Caps. I got the pattern for free and will hopefully finish them all this week. I’m very excited!! Peek-a-boo patterns is my new favorite!:)

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. OH, and some photography too…

My cousin, Aubry and her hubby, Ricky. I was so excited to take their pictures while I was in CA visiting!! I only wish I had more time to take my Aunt Vicki’s pictures, with my other cousins. AND Maurya and Danny’s pictures. *SIGH*

And, my bestie, Karlenn, has me take her family pictures every year. She’s so amazing and I LOVE that she still lets me take her family pictures!! This is Micah. I LOVE this kid so much!! Isn’t he just a CUTIE??!! Can I tell you a secret? Shhhh… He’s my favorite:) That kid can make me smile, he is so sweet and just makes me laugh. He reminds me a lot of my Brynnan. They have their bad moments, but it just makes their good ones so much better!! Boys are special, in ways that girls aren’t and I’m thankful I have 3 of them… but I’m getting off topic here…. I hope this little teaser will hold you over Kar:) I wish I could do photography all day long! That’s my dream job. Someday.

So, what have you been up to? I have so many ideas in my head. I’m going to make a fall wreath. Maybe. LOL I have all the supplies to make it, I just need to find time to do it. *SIGH* wish me luck!! I hope you’re having fun crafting!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Tutorial Thursday ~ Fun School Prep

So, we all know that this week is school prep for us here in Idaho Falls/Ammon. I’m stressing out about it even though I’m totally prepared!! I have all the supplies bought, the backpacks and lunch boxes ready to go and new outfits for the first week! Woohoo! So, why am I still a little bit nervous? Maybe it’s because I’m always nervous the first week of school?

When I was going to school I was always nervous on the first day. I’ve noticed over the last 5 years that no matter what grade they’re going into I’m really excited, but also have those first day/week jitters for them as well. Who knows what the future holds and I’m a worrier. I worry that Jonas won’t make friends, even though he’s the BEST at making friends. I’m worried that his handicaps will get in the way of school life and having fun and keeping up with the other kids. I’m worried that Brynnan will be so eager to please Jonas’ old teacher who is now his first grade teacher, as well, that she won’t like him. I know that’s ridiculous, but I seriously worry about that kid being too excited and too helpful. LOL He has a habit of telling everyone EVERYTHING! And spending all day with a kid like that drives me crazy most days, I just hope having other kids around will help him be a little more mellow. That is the case for him. He’s more mellow and shy at school than he is at home.

Anyway, I kind of got off on a different subject than I had planned on… Since I am so stressed out I thought it would be good for the kids and me to do some fun prep for school. I get emails everyday from craft and organizing blogs. One of the ones that I read is calledΒ  Mom on Time Out. She had a post about going back to school and staying healthy through the school year. Something I really need to read about because my kids get sick ALL the time!! I liked the post and am now considering including wipes in my kids’ lunch, not necessarily Wet Ones because they’re often the expensive ones, but some kind of wipe, none the less.

One of the suggested posts under that one was for back to school picture props. I clicked on it and immediately fell in LOVE with the idea!! I thought it would be fun to involve the boys in the little art project so we got started.

First, I got on my laptop and made the shapes for 1 and 2 in my Silhouette Studio program.

Here’s my 1 and 2. The font I used was Adobe Carlson Pro.

Here’s my finished stencil.

I put the stencil on the back of the cardboard I was using just in case I messed up. I didn’t want to be able to see the black lines. I’m a horrible tracer so you never know when my pen is going to slip. lol Make sure if you do it this way that you flip your stencil backwards so the number will be facing the right way!:)

The traced number 1.

Once I was finished cutting out both numbers I was really sad that the Cameo couldn’t cut out cardboard!! It would make life so much easier for projects like this!

I let them pick out the paint they wanted to use. Brynnan’s favorite color is red so I thought that would be the one he’d choose. Well, that was one of them, but he is also the lover of 100 colors, as he says, so he used almost all of the paints I have, which isn’t very many.

Jonas watched on very attentively:)

I didn’t have purple paint so Jonas chose red and only wanted to use red.

Jonas was a very serious and dedicated painter:)

I love this picture with Brynnan in the background!!:)

Such cute and FUN boys!! I love them so much!:)

Here are the finished projects!:) I was glad they had so much fun doing this!! Brynnan is already talking about when he makes his number 2 for next year! He says he wants to make it only one color, but for now he loves his ‘100 colors’ number 1:)

I can’t wait to take their pictures with these numbers to remember what grade they’re in! Stay tuned next week for those first day photo ops.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Whatever Wednesday ~ Teacher Appreciation

The week of May 14th was Teacher Appreciation week for my kids. I agonized over this for weeks before finally making a decision that week on what to do:

I got the idea from one of my favorite crafty blogs, Tatertots & Jello. She had the printable already designed all I had to do was print it out:) Easy peasy!

I bought some $10 gift cards to Jamba Juice and added some M&M’s to the bag for a little something extra. The cups I bought at Walmart for $2. I was hoping to buy ones with a lid and a straw, but those ones were $4 each! Yikes! I’m not that rich! I probably spent way too much money on this as it was! Next year, I’m going to do something more simple, definitely!! But I really liked this idea and the teachers appreciated it! Jonas has one teacher and an aid so I bought two for him to give out and Brynnan has a teacher and 2 aids so that totals 5!! Next year I hope it will only be 2 teachers and 1 aid total!:)

They had their last week of school and I made their teachers a scrapbook for the year. For Brynnan’s teachers I made a book of the different celebrations throughout the year:

I bought the albums on Pick Your Plum for a really good deal!! Only $5 each!! and they came with 20 pages. I LOVE Pick Your Plum! They do a daily deal and it’s usually really cheap! the only thing that gets ya is the shipping, but I bought 4 of these albums and the shipping was only $3.95 so still a great deal!!

Here are some of the pages from Brynnan’s album. I didn’t make the pages, I got them for free when I was into digital scrapbooking a couple years ago. I think this is the only page that I made myself, the rest were someone else.


Field Day was the last week of school.

Celebrating a girls birthday.

I forgot to take pictures of Jonas’ books before giving them to his teachers. I was in a hurry…

This kid is so hilarious!! Jonas’ teacher said this was the perfect page to remember him by!:)

They all wanted to do a funny face as well as a smiley one. It was funny and cute!:)

And here’s their funny class picture. I really LOVE Mrs. Bair! She’s an awesome teacher! She was so supportive of Jonas and everything that he needed. It was a wonderful year!! Brynnan has her next year and I’m glad.

This was a fun class and Jonas really loved being a part of it. When I asked him who his favorite friend from the class was he said, “All of them!” They were all really sweet and friendly with Jonas and they all loved him! It’s good to know that kids love him. I worry about that guy!!

You know what I realized as I was picking out pictures to post on here? I didn’t do a page of Jonas!!! My own kid, and I didn’t do a page for him!! I guess he got the first day of school page, but I had taken a cute silly picture of him and a cute smiley one too. Oh, well! lol

The scrapbooks were a lot of fun to make! I’m hoping to do the same thing for their teachers next year, but I want to make some new pages so I need to get started on that now since I’m such a procrastinator!!

Well, Thanks for stopping by today!! What did you make or do for Teacher appreciation and end of the year gifts? I hope you had fun coming up with your ideas!!

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Rule of Thirds

My friend, Kar, asked what the Rule of Thirds was. I guess I should’ve explained in that post originally. I’m a photography major so of course I know what it is! I just feel like it’s something that everyone should no anyway. lol So, here is a late explanation.

Think of your picture as a grid:

You’ve cut it into thirds, now you want your subject to be in one of the thirds of the grid:

Depending on your subject and what you are taking the picture for will depend on where you place the subject. Using this method of photography makes a picture a lot more interesting. Which one of these picture do you like better:


Do you see what I mean? The rule of thirds picture is a lot more interesting. It takes the most important part of the picture and emphasizes it by cropping out the stuff that doesn’t matter.

Does this make sense? I’m not very good at explaining technical jargon, I usually leave that to Mark who is good at that. If you’re still not sure what I mean go HERE to read about it on Wikipedia.

I LOVE using the rule of thirds. It’s not right for every situation, but there are a lot of good times to use it. Try it! I promise you will love it as much as I do!:)