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Last Day of School!! ~ Teacher Scrapbooks

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a couple photos having to do with teacher scrapbooks I’ve been working on this week. I’m finally ready to show them off! πŸ™‚


I’ve been planning on making each teacher a scrapbook all year long. I Finally took pictures of the class last week and I printed them off onΒ  Monday this week. I’ve been working on putting the pictures on cute paper and stamping names on the pages for the past 2 days!! I finally finished yesterday and I am here to show you the finished projects. I LOVE them!! They aren’t as FANCY as the scrapbooks I made last year. I did those ones on the computer so it was easier to make them look fancy. Paper scrapbooking is HARD compared to digital!! BUT, I was determined to do something different this year, since my 1st grader has the same teacher as my older boy had last year. I didn’t want her to get the same scrapbook with different picture. I’m a perfectionist like that. So, here you go:


I bought some cute We R memory keepers 4×6 journal cards at Target and used them because they were already decorated cute. All I had to do was glue on the picture!


Oh, I did use some of my new washi tape for this page because it was a little bland. Still easy peasy!


I used a friends stamps to embellish the top page a little bit.


And my cutie is on the bottom of the above picture πŸ™‚


We did a big class picture as well.


And at the end of the whole scrapbook I put in a little extra journal card for them to write down their favorite things about the year if they want.


So, that’s my first graders teacher scrapbook. I’m really emotional about not having a first grader anymore! I’ll miss the teacher! She has been a lot of fun to work with and get to know!


Now moving onto my 2nd graders teacher scrapbook. He has a HUGE class!! 28 kids!! So her book took a little bit longer to complete than Brynnan’s!




My cutie, Jonas, in the picture above.




Aren’t these journal cards just THE cutest?!! I have some left over so I can’t wait to use them!! IF I ever get around to scrapbooking! lol



I had FUN with the stamps my friend lent me! πŸ™‚




And that’s it! I’m going to put them into bags and write a nice Thank you note to them. My friend, Karlenn, has an Etsy shop where she sells her cards and she is SO amazing at it!! I LOVE her cards! I only buy them from her, never the store. NEVER again from the store!! πŸ™‚ Yes, that’s how good she is! And they’re the same price as buying them at the store! So, go over and visit Kar’s Kards today!!

Anyway, sorry for the detour there. I had to give a shout out to my bestie! πŸ™‚ I hope you’re having a great week! If your kids are still in school I hope all goes well with the last few weeks and if you want to do something like this for a teacher it’s really simple!! Just buy some journal cards like I did and slap in some pictures. If you don’t have a picture of each kid in the class you could scrapbook pictures from throughout the year if you went into the class to help out or something. I always have my phone with me to snap pictures every time I go in! Just in case! πŸ™‚

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! Thanks for stopping by!!


Tutorial Tuesday ~ Decorated Teacher Notepad

I am excited to be showing you this tutorial today!! Did you see the post on Friday, if not, go check it out.


Well, this is where I show you how to make it yourself. It was EASY!! Even easier if you have a handy cutting machine, like the Silhouette Cameo, but you can do it even if you don’t have one! Are you ready? Here we go:

Supplies needed:

sticky notepad(s) (with or without a cover on it)

scrapbook paper

Kraft Cardstock paper (for the cover)

chipboard pieces


mini pen (optional)

Ok, so I think I mentioned that I bought my sticky notepads with the cover on the at PYP in August last year.


So, that made making mine a little bit easier. If you can’t find any notepads with a cover on them they are easy enough to make! So, I will start with making the notepad cover.

Step 1 ~ Measure how big your sticky pad is (like I did), OR just read the package. It usually gives you the inches and cm:) I bought a bunch of them at the dollar store in different sizes for this tutorial. The biggest pad was 5×3.


Step 2 ~ Next you want to cut out you cover. If you want to have a little pen with the notepad you’ll have to leave space for that. You’ll also want to leave some extra room on the sides. This is how my cover looked after I cut it out on the silhouette.


If you don’t have a Silhouette:


You can cut out a rectangle. I cut my rectangle to be 8×5.5 for my 5×3 pad to fit.

Step 3 ~ Use something dull to make the middle part for the pen fold together. If you have a bone folder that’s great. I don’t have one so I used my paper cutter and punctured the paper along the line every few centimeters.


Step 4 ~ Fold the cover where you made the creases for the pen.



Step 5 ~ Once you have the pen area folded then cut out a little spot on the top and bottom for the pen to clip to. I made the cuts on the longer so I could tell the top from the bottom.


Step 6 ~ Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Grab patterned scrapbook paper and cut it to fit on the front of the cover. Layer and style your cover however you want! Use whatever embellishments you have and just have FUN!! πŸ™‚


These are a few of the ones I made over the weekend. If you haven’t had your Teacher appreciation week and would like to buy any of these, I have them in my Etsy shop. Head on over there to buy them today! (Click on the image above to go directly to the listing.)

And you’re all DONE!! I TOLD you it was EASY! πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by! Next week I’ll have some more teacher appreciation gift ideas for you! Hope you have a great day!


Birthday Bash & Giveaway

Good morning! I know that Monday’s are normally reserved for my organizing posts, but today is SPECIAL! It’s my 30th Birthday!! Woohoo!! I LOVE birthdays, don’t you?! AND I love being pampered on my birthday:) hehe

I’ve been kind of nervous and excited about this birthday. It’s the big 3-0. I’m no longer “young” anymore. I’ve crossed that threshold and I’m not sure what the future will bring, BUT, I’m still celebrating my heart out, none the less, and I thought it would be fun to have a birthday giveaway for all of my wonderful followers!! I have some very fun prizes to giveaway and I’ve made some wonderful friends in the process!! I can’t wait to see who wins what!

Soooo…. without further ado, here are the prizes and the bloggers giving them away. I’ve included a little blurb so you can get to know them. Please go visit their blogs and say “Hello!”. If you make it to the end of this post the giveaway will be there πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

First up we have, Susan from Organized 31, who is giving away the cutest zippered pouch!! I LOVE the little animals!


Hello, I’m Susan. I’m married to my dedicated active duty Air Force husband and have 3 wonderful children. I’ve moved into 27 different homes and have organized homes in 12 states and 3 foreign countries. I’ve been everything from an Air Force officer, to a Parent Educator, to a stay-at-home mom, with many other experiences along the way. I believe that life is better when organized.

Next up is Jenn, from Thoughts, Rants and Art, who is giving away a bracelet and earring set. I love it!


Hello there, I’m Jenn! I’m an artist and designer living in Annapolis, MD. I dabble in anything that could be considered a creative hobby. I sell my jewelry and some collages on etsy and I blog about art, food and life on my blog Thoughts, Rants and Art.

Chrystie from Pocket Full of Posies is giving away a CUTE Journal Card Mini Scrapbook. She blogged about it here so you can view what it looks like on the inside. I am just in LOVE with all her little mini albums!! I won one of them, which you can view on her blog too. Here’s Chrystie:


Hi, I’m Chrystie! I am married to a wonderful man who loves me back. I have 4 awesome kids, who get along well most of the time! I homeschool and love it! And in my spare time I Scrap and Craft like crazy! I also LOVE photograpy!

Deanna at From Wine to Whine is also here to giveaway a FREE snapfish 5×7 photo book!


Hi, I’m Dee. I am a late twenty something, pin-a-holic Mom to a beautiful little girl and a step mom to a wonderfully well-rounded teen. When I can find a few free moments from the busy work we call life, I enjoy DIYing, couponing and crafting wearable/usableΒ things…and let’s not forget my best work happens while enjoying an adult beverage or two!

And last, but not least, since this is the reason all these great prizes are available, is me, Crafty Meggy! I will be giving away an adorable button headband as well as three 30% off coupons to my Etsy shop!


And, you all know me, right? If you don’t, you can learn more on my about page. I hope you’ll stick around and become a new friend!

So, that’s 8 winners total!! Hurry up and enter! The giveaway ends Thursday, May 2nd at midnight. There are a few of the entries that can be done each day, so come back and keep entering! ALSO, I have a fun post planned for each day of the week! What a treat, right?!! I have a couple guest bloggers scheduled and I can’t wait for you to meet them! They are AWESOME! πŸ™‚

What are you waiting for? Click the link below and it will take you to the gateway to win some awesome prizes (I know, I’m really weird, but it is my birthday so cut me some slack:) hehe).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh, I almost forgot!! Someone else is having a birthday today and you can receive 20% off on a purchase from them today! AND they’re offering 6 amazing items!! Yes, it’s true, head on over to Pick Your Plum‘s facebook page to grab the coupon code and start shopping!!

ALSO, since this is a birthday BASH, I’m going to give you a coupon code to use in my Etsy shop for today only! You can receive 30% off your total order! I hope you’ll come on over and celebrate with me! πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy some cake, or something sweet. Hey, it is my birthday, you can celebrate too:)


Paper Easter Egg Kids Craft


Since the boys are on Spring Break this week I wanted to make sure they weren’t just sitting around watching TV all day, every day. I found a couple of crafts to make with them and spent some time getting one ready for them on Sunday. They sat down and did it individually yesterday and we’re all so excited about the outcome! It turned out really cute!

Here’s the original pin and the original post on I fell in LOVE with the idea immediately when I saw it on pinterest and last week when I was trying to figure out what crafts I could do with the kids this one seemed simple enough. I cut out all the strips of paper with my Silhouette. I could’ve just as easily done it with my paper cutter, but when you have a machine that will make multiple cuts at one time why not use that?!! πŸ™‚ I also bought an Easter Egg shape off the Silhouette online store and used the outline of it to cut out the Easter Egg shape._MG_8853


I laid out all the strips of paper and let the boys choose which colors and patterns they wanted on their egg.


Brynnan helped his little brother by gluing on the strips he picked out. It was sweet! πŸ™‚


Sorry the egg isn’t in focus, but I couldn’t resist posting the picture anyway! Just LOOL at that cute face!!



Jonas was a MASTER at this project!! He was so careful to glue them on close to each other and it was so cute, he didn’t want to have his look like Brynnan’s, BUT he DID want his too look a little bit like Tinian’s!


Ta-Da! Jonas kind of had a Vanna White thing going on in this picture. I thought it was funny πŸ™‚



The finished projects!


Once they were all dry, I cut the ends off so they wouldn’t hang over into the next eggs frame. I had a frame with a mat for 3 4×6’s so I decided to keep the mat and glue the eggs onto the white paper that came with the frame.


Here’s how it looks on the wall. My friends husband brough the painting on the bottom right back from China and gave it to us as a gift this last fall. Isn’t it GORGEOUS?!! It a finger painting done with pencil. Just amazing!!


These pictures are hung on the wall in the kitchen that head down the stairs. I’ve been wanting to put something there along with the finger drawing, but I haven’t had anything until now.


When you sit down at the table you stare right at it. The boys were so proud of it! They kept asking who’s egg was whose. In hind sight, I wish I had put the one on the left in the middle since the strips are kind of slanted and the other two aren’t, but oh well. You live and learn πŸ™‚ (I would switch them around, but I glued them down to the paper so they wouldn’t move and I was putting them in the frame.)

What do you think? It was so easy to do! You don’t even need a Silhouette to do it, either! Just pull out your handy ol’ paper cutter and slice away. You can make the strips as big or as small as you want.

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a GREAT Tuesday!


Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Valentine’s Day Card Printables

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I know this post is really late, but I hope you still enjoy it all the same. It has been one of those days. I just can’t get on top of things… although, the laundry is done and the kids are in bed asleep. At least that is good! πŸ™‚

I’ve been working on some cute little Valentine’s Day Cards for you to download. I had fun making them and I hope you’ll be able to use them! I wasn’t sure what size to make them so I made 3 different ones for you to choose from, 4×6, 4×5, and 4×3.

Without further ado, here they are (click on any of the images to download or go HERE):



I hope you like them and will enjoy using them. I put 2 of them together on a 4×6 as well if you want to use them for your kids to give to classmates or friends. Just print them off, cut them in half and attach a piece of candy.


The bee mine Valentine is definitely my favorite of the two!! But the owl is SO cute! I just love that owls are a big thing these days!

Well, sorry I am posting so late! Thanks for stopping by!

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Scrappy Things Saturday

I got board with the old title so I made up a new one:) I already told you on Wednesday that I was busy making cards this week. I made one more for my Grandpa, whose birthday is on the 27th. I really like it. I’m not sure what he;ll think about it, but it was fun for me to make:


I loved the Grandpa stick figure I found on the Silhouette Online store! So cute!:)


I also used the Happy Birthday Cake cut out from the Silhouette store.

Now I just need to get on the ball and have us all sign it and send it to him! LOL Hope he gets it in time for his birthday! This week has been Ca-Ray-Zy!! did I finish Mark’s present before he came home yesterday? Of course not! I’m not even close to being done with it! *SIGH* So I told him he’s not alloud in the craft room/play room, which he never really goes into anyway… until I mention for him not to, of course!:) LOL But hopefully I’ll get it all done by Christmas Eve so we can enjoy the last few days together as a family. wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by!:)

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Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Birthday Cards

I’m taking a break from Christmas crafts for a little bit to make up some birthday cards. We have 3 birthdays in December in our extended family and I’ve been bad at keeping up on them!! I really hope the cards arrive on time! They’re all right around Christmas!

Anyway, I thought I’d share the 2 cards I made last night instead of sewing!!!! (SIGH, I really think I hate myself sometimes!! Why can’t I just do both sewing and making cards in one night? It’s either all or nothin’:p)

So here they are:




I absolutely LOVE adhesive foam dots and strips!! They’re soooo fun to add to cards and scrapbook pages! If you’ve never used them stop what you’re doing and go to Michaels. Fist get a 50% off coupon, then find the package atΒ Michaels and buy them. With the coupon they should only be $1.50 or less. Soooo worth it!!


I used my silhouette to cut out the shapes and phrases. I even got to show a new friend how to use the Cameo!! It was fun!!

That’s what I’ve been up to this week, besides sewing. I’m slowly coming to a finish on all my gifts. I have 1 big gift left to finish tomorrow and the 2 and a half pj’s to finish for the boys. I can’t wait to be done!!! Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by!!


LGO ~ the Craft Room

Ok I know that this is close to the 5th time I’ve had this room/area be on the organizing list, but this week I’m determined for it to be the last time core the year and hopefully a couple months!!

I’ve been busy yesterday and today trying to stick to the schedule I set up on Sunday. It has been going GREAT!! I’m so excited!

Yesterday I woke up at 6:05 and forced myself out of bed. I had to search for my scriptures because I forgot where I put them. LOL

I read for about 10 minutes and then had to get the boys ready for school. I took them to school at 8:15 and when I got home I checked my email, did laundry and the household chore for the day, which is vacuuming the whole house.

After I vacuumed I got busy in my craft room. That didn’t last long though because I had to fold laundry. I was determined to keep up with it yesterday. I’m happy to report that I did!! I washed and dried 7 loads of laundry and folded them all! Woohoo!

It is true that half of the loads were blankets and actually the last load is still in the drier…. But I folded the towels, whites, and 2 loads of kids’ clothes. I did all of this while watching Terra Nova, a tv show on Netflix.

Once I was done with the folding I finished cleaning off the scrapbook desk and chair. I had tons of junk on both of them! I hate flat surfaces! They are the bane of my existence!

Anyway, today I’ve stuck to the schedule, but I kind of moved some of it around. Hehe:) I didn’t sleep well last night so I spent time with Tini and did my email and Facebook time after dropping the kids off. It was a good little rest and at 9:00 I started on my chore of cleaning the upstairs bathroom. It was quick and easy and I was able to spend a little bit of time looking up Christmas presents on Pinterest:) then I started the organizing task for today. I cleared off all my shelves in the craft room and put everything into laundry baskets in categories. I have 4 baskets filled with sewing, scrapbooking, general crafting and other stuff/misc things that don’t belong but have found a place in my craft room πŸ™‚

For the hour before lunch I was slowly organizing some of it into new boxes and trying to make he current boxes and baskets I have look organized. I have a to. Of different sizes and colors of boxes and its drivi g me crazy that they don’t all match. LOL I guess I’ll have to get over it since I do t have tons of money to buy all new boxes and baskets.

Here are the baskets all sorted and some stuff even on my scrapdesk before I put it in the right laundry basket. You can see behind the baskets on the desk that I FINALLY finished my ribbon organizer! Yay!! I’ll have to show you that later this week:) I’m very happy with it.

And here’s the shelves all cleared off. I let some of the boxes stay up because I had already organized an gone through those previously. They are fine in the spots I have them in… for now anyway:)

This is what it looks like right now:

What do you think? I know the orange wire basket doesn’t fit in with the other colors on the shelf. I’m thinking I’m going to buy some spray paint and paint it either pink or grey. The second shelf is the only one, besides the top one, that has stuff in the baskets. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to go where. I’m going to do it all in sections so it’s easier to find what I need. I broke it down for you so you can see my thoughts:)

That’s what I’m planning now. As you all pretty much know, I change my mind a hundred times before anything becomes permanant so when I post my reveal of the craft room it will probably be different than what you see here:)

Do you have any advice on the shelving and basket situation? I guess I could just spray paint all of the baskets the same colors…. I need to go buy more of the photo boxes from Michaels. I should’ve bought some this weekend! They were $1.66 again! But I’m sure they’ll have another sale soon:)

Ok, enough of what I’ve been doing the past 2 days. I’m going to share with you my plan for the whole week:

Monday – Organize Scrapbooking desk, find space for everything on desk and in the chair

Tuesday – Take everything off shelves, use laundry baskets to put everything in categories, start to put stuff back on shelves

Wednesday – Hang up peg board, continue organizing shelves

Thursday – Organize Scrapbook cubby’s, find a place for everything

Friday – Organize fabric bookshelf, finish organizing shelves and cubby’s

Notes: Scrapbook 2 pages and SEW, SEW, SEW!!

I’m not feeling so overwhelmed now. This week is going well so far. I know what projects I’m going to do and they shouldn’t take too long to finish up by this weekend and I can start on the next projects in line. I’m very excited!!

Well, I better get off and get started sewing. I hope you’re having a good week! Thanks for stopping by!

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Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Organizing Ribbon

Good-morning! How are you doing today? I hope well! Are you ready for the big turkey day tomorrow? I know I am! I’m excited about eating all that gooooood food! What’s your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving? Mine is most definitely sweet potato casserole! I could seriously eat only that and be satisfied:)

Well, this week has been kind of slow in the crafting department. I am in the processing of starting some Christmas presents. I’m also still in the process of organizing my craft room and it’s driving me CA-Ra-ZY!!!

Anyway, I painted the old medicine cabinet and brought it inside to put it together. It sat outside my craft room for a couple days until Mark and the kids complained that it was in their way and I couldn’t take it anymore.


I had Mark help me put the pieces together with wood glue. I measured how much room the ribbon needed and then Mark put the glue on the shelf.


Then we put clamps to hold the wood down.


I had to cut a few more pieces and paint them so I didn’t get it all finished that night, unfortunately! Hopefully I can get it all glued and clamped tonight and it’ll be ready to use when we get home from our thanksgiving trip on Friday.

I’m so excited about this project, mainly because I started from scratch and will have spent NO money on parts. I just used things we already had! (with the exception on the spray paint….)

I will hopefully have a before and after picture for you next week. Maybe one with ribbons on it too:) I also finished everything in the bathroom over this weekend!! I’m way excited to blog about that so next week I’ll take pictures and put a post together for you. I’m Soooooooo happy with how it’s turned out!! It just looks amazing to me and I can’t believe I did it! Of course I had some help from my hubs and 6 year old!:) and that is very much appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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Let’s Get Organized

Hello there! How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful! My 8 year old son was baptized. I had some family come up for the event and a lot of friends came. It was very nice! My mom, brother and Grandpa were able to come, which was so nice to see them again!! They left yesterday after church, but we got to spend time with them on Saturday. I hope we can visit with them again soon!:)

I have a lot to do this week. The organizing has been going slow. I think it’s because I’m working on two rooms at the same time as well as other sewing and crafting projects and it’s all stressing me out. I’m going to pick one room for the week and stick with it. Next week I’ll finish up the other room.

This is my plan for the week: Craft Room

Monday – DO THE LAUNDRY!! (Since we had family in town over the weekend I didn’t get a chance to do the laundry. *SIGH*) Organize scrapbook paper. (I know I was supposed to do this last week. I actually did do some of it, but need to finish the single sheets.)

Tuesday – Organize sewing and Computer desk. Make an area for patterns, sewing projects in process, etc

Wednesday – Organize shelves above sewing desk. Find a place for extra craft area supplies without a home.

Thursday – Fix up kids’ toys and wire shelves.

Friday – Finish up organizing shelves. Try to keep things in categories; scrapbooking supplies, sewing supplies, electrical cords for charging phone, computer,etc. I want to start organizing my fabric better too. I have been saving cardboard pieces from small boxes to use as bolts, kind of like at a fabric store, I would wrap the fabric around the cardboard. If I have time I’ll start this process.

I have high hopes to get my craft room all finished up this week. The kids’ toys are a bigger presence than I had originally planned, but at least they’ll be close by when I’m working on my projects. I’ll be able to keep a closer eye on them.

I’m struggling with the sewing/computer desk. When I sew I use my WHOLE desk. I have stuff EVERYWHERE! I don’t know about you, but I just spread out. I can’t just use half of the desk for some reason. So, I’m going to try to divy up the space evenly and organize my supplies better so I don’t have to use the whole desk for sewing or computer usage. My silhouette is on the computer desk so that’s taking up some extra room I hadn’t planned on. I think that’s what’s throwing me off.

I’ll get it figured out this week, hopefully so I can move onto the bathroom next week:) I know one thing for sure, my husband will be so happy to have all my crafty stuff out of my old craft area corner.


This is what it looks like right now. Kind of a big pile of whatever was left under the desk and needing to be organized better. I WILL get to that this week!! Mark has been asking me to do it ever since we moved my desk into the room so I’m finally giving in to his pleadings. I think he goes crazy when I try to organize big areas. He doesn’t do well with a mess. He can’t understand how I have to make a bigger mess before I get it all organized. does any man understand that concept? It would surprise me if someone did!:)

Good luck with your organizing this week! Along with this room I have 2 sewing projects I’m working on and need to finish this week as well as a photo shoot I did a couple weeks ago. I’m so behind! UGH!! Wish me luck:)

Thanks for stopping by!