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Last Day of School!! ~ Teacher Scrapbooks

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a couple photos having to do with teacher scrapbooks I’ve been working on this week. I’m finally ready to show them off! πŸ™‚


I’ve been planning on making each teacher a scrapbook all year long. I Finally took pictures of the class last week and I printed them off onΒ  Monday this week. I’ve been working on putting the pictures on cute paper and stamping names on the pages for the past 2 days!! I finally finished yesterday and I am here to show you the finished projects. I LOVE them!! They aren’t as FANCY as the scrapbooks I made last year. I did those ones on the computer so it was easier to make them look fancy. Paper scrapbooking is HARD compared to digital!! BUT, I was determined to do something different this year, since my 1st grader has the same teacher as my older boy had last year. I didn’t want her to get the same scrapbook with different picture. I’m a perfectionist like that. So, here you go:


I bought some cute We R memory keepers 4×6 journal cards at Target and used them because they were already decorated cute. All I had to do was glue on the picture!


Oh, I did use some of my new washi tape for this page because it was a little bland. Still easy peasy!


I used a friends stamps to embellish the top page a little bit.


And my cutie is on the bottom of the above picture πŸ™‚


We did a big class picture as well.


And at the end of the whole scrapbook I put in a little extra journal card for them to write down their favorite things about the year if they want.


So, that’s my first graders teacher scrapbook. I’m really emotional about not having a first grader anymore! I’ll miss the teacher! She has been a lot of fun to work with and get to know!


Now moving onto my 2nd graders teacher scrapbook. He has a HUGE class!! 28 kids!! So her book took a little bit longer to complete than Brynnan’s!




My cutie, Jonas, in the picture above.




Aren’t these journal cards just THE cutest?!! I have some left over so I can’t wait to use them!! IF I ever get around to scrapbooking! lol



I had FUN with the stamps my friend lent me! πŸ™‚




And that’s it! I’m going to put them into bags and write a nice Thank you note to them. My friend, Karlenn, has an Etsy shop where she sells her cards and she is SO amazing at it!! I LOVE her cards! I only buy them from her, never the store. NEVER again from the store!! πŸ™‚ Yes, that’s how good she is! And they’re the same price as buying them at the store! So, go over and visit Kar’s Kards today!!

Anyway, sorry for the detour there. I had to give a shout out to my bestie! πŸ™‚ I hope you’re having a great week! If your kids are still in school I hope all goes well with the last few weeks and if you want to do something like this for a teacher it’s really simple!! Just buy some journal cards like I did and slap in some pictures. If you don’t have a picture of each kid in the class you could scrapbook pictures from throughout the year if you went into the class to help out or something. I always have my phone with me to snap pictures every time I go in! Just in case! πŸ™‚

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! Thanks for stopping by!!


Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Silhouette Notepad Covers

If you’ve been following my blog in the last week you know that I’ve shared a teacher appreciation gift idea. Yesterday I shared a tutorial on how to make a cover for the notepads. Today, I’m going to share with you a file I made with the Silhouette Studio program to make my notepad cover. Having the Silhouette makes it a lot easier, but you don’t have to have one to make this gift!


So, to make the cover for a sticky notepad you will need:

Silhouette Cameo/Portrait

scrapbook paper

kraft cardstock

sticky notepads

Step 1 ~ Download the 5.5×8 file I made in Silhouette Studio HERE and the little tag that goes inside the envelope I have on mine HERE. They’re both Silhouette Studio files so you won’t have to do anything to them.

Step 2 ~Open up the files in Silhouette Studio. Put your kraft paper on your mat and put it in your machine and with the file named ‘notepadteachergift’ click the send to Sihouette button and let it do it’s work. Once it’s done you’re kraft paper will look like this:


Step 3~ Fold along the dotted lines to make room for the mini pen.

Step 4~ Decorate the front cover to your hearts content!! You can use the Silhouette to get the rounded corners the same and to make sure the measurements add up. I’m really bad at measuring stuff so I just have my Cameo do all that work:)


Step 5 ~ Now, you’ll want to print and cut the next file you downloaded. Open it up in Silhouette Studio. The file is all ready to be printed and then cut so click on the icon next to the Send to Silhouette button. It looks like a printer with a paper. Click that and it will make your print box pop up. Make sure you have your cardstock in your printer. I used pink, but you can use white or whatever color you want! click the print button and wait for it to print out.

Step 6 ~ Once you’ve printed off your tag put the paper on your mat and load it into your Cameo. Click on the Send to Silhouette button and hit skip the printing option, then hit continue. You’ll want to click ‘Detect automatically’ for the Cameo to detect your registration marks.

Step 7 ~ Once the registration marks are detected, make sure your cut settings are for the right kind of paper. Change your blade setting if you need to and then push Cut!


Step 8 ~ Stick the tag into the envelope, if you created one like I did. You can buy the one I have from the Silhouette Online Store here.

Step 9 ~ Glue on the sticky notepads that you have and VOILA! You’re done!! πŸ™‚


Like I said yesterday, I bought a bunch of different sizes and shapes of sticky pads at the dollar store. I was able to split most of the packs up and make multiple pads out of just one bag of sticky pads.


This one is my favorite. I like having the 4 different colored smallish tags on the left.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these notepads from me, I have them for sale in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you’ll come back tomorrow, I have a fun recipe for you, compliments of my wonderful husband! πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

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Tutorial Tuesday ~ Decorated Teacher Notepad

I am excited to be showing you this tutorial today!! Did you see the post on Friday, if not, go check it out.


Well, this is where I show you how to make it yourself. It was EASY!! Even easier if you have a handy cutting machine, like the Silhouette Cameo, but you can do it even if you don’t have one! Are you ready? Here we go:

Supplies needed:

sticky notepad(s) (with or without a cover on it)

scrapbook paper

Kraft Cardstock paper (for the cover)

chipboard pieces


mini pen (optional)

Ok, so I think I mentioned that I bought my sticky notepads with the cover on the at PYP in August last year.


So, that made making mine a little bit easier. If you can’t find any notepads with a cover on them they are easy enough to make! So, I will start with making the notepad cover.

Step 1 ~ Measure how big your sticky pad is (like I did), OR just read the package. It usually gives you the inches and cm:) I bought a bunch of them at the dollar store in different sizes for this tutorial. The biggest pad was 5×3.


Step 2 ~ Next you want to cut out you cover. If you want to have a little pen with the notepad you’ll have to leave space for that. You’ll also want to leave some extra room on the sides. This is how my cover looked after I cut it out on the silhouette.


If you don’t have a Silhouette:


You can cut out a rectangle. I cut my rectangle to be 8×5.5 for my 5×3 pad to fit.

Step 3 ~ Use something dull to make the middle part for the pen fold together. If you have a bone folder that’s great. I don’t have one so I used my paper cutter and punctured the paper along the line every few centimeters.


Step 4 ~ Fold the cover where you made the creases for the pen.



Step 5 ~ Once you have the pen area folded then cut out a little spot on the top and bottom for the pen to clip to. I made the cuts on the longer so I could tell the top from the bottom.


Step 6 ~ Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Grab patterned scrapbook paper and cut it to fit on the front of the cover. Layer and style your cover however you want! Use whatever embellishments you have and just have FUN!! πŸ™‚


These are a few of the ones I made over the weekend. If you haven’t had your Teacher appreciation week and would like to buy any of these, I have them in my Etsy shop. Head on over there to buy them today! (Click on the image above to go directly to the listing.)

And you’re all DONE!! I TOLD you it was EASY! πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by! Next week I’ll have some more teacher appreciation gift ideas for you! Hope you have a great day!


Getting the Organizing Bug

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the kids going back to school. I even dream about it sometimes!! I have a tendency to wake up late in the mornings and have to rush getting the kids ready. It’s an annoying habit that I try to fix every year and I always start out great, but end up about a month, or less, after school starts back at the old habit. Ever since school got out I’ve been dreaming about the new school year and how we rush every morning and the kids miss their bus. It’s always a different reason in the dream, but they ALWAYS miss the bus!! It’s weird!! The dreams start out very few in the beginning of the summer and now I have them every few days to once a week. I hate it! It stresses me out that I’m already freaking out about the morning rush.

Since I’ve been thinking about this for almost the whole summer and there’s only 3 weeks left before school starts, naturally I’m trying to get ideas on how to better our morning routine. I took to my favorite organizing blog, IHeartOrganizing. She has some great ideas and habits for the school year!! I also found a bunch of fun ideas on pinterest on back to school ideas. I want it to be fun for the boys this year and have them enjoy the first day back so I’m going to make it a big deal.

Jen has a bunch of Back to School posts from last year that I enjoyed reading through. I’m totally going to do my own version of the clothing and lunch routines. We have a bedtime schedule that we stick to very well!! I think I might tweak it a bit to make it a little better for us. The morning routine is something I need to work on and fine tune this year!! Is it weird that I’m excited about that? lol

When we get home next weekend I’m going to start having the kids do school work and reading every day to get them ready for going back to school. I also want to start waking them up at the normal school time a few days before school starts to get us all ready for it.

I came across a good binder idea for the kids and their daily chores and other things they need to get done. I pinned it, of course!!:) I got the idea from Lil Blue Boo, one of my favorite blogs to visit. I’m going to change it up to work for my older boys and maybe even do something simpler for Tinian. He’s at a good age to help me out around the house a little and I want him to start young so he gets the importance of it!:)

Once I get home I’m going to get to work on all these ideas going around in my head. I also want to do something nice for the teachers. I’m thinking about making some of these note cards for them and including envelopes. Easy and cheap since I already have the supplies on hand!:)

What are you doing to get your kids and yourself ready for a new school year? What routines do you have in place for the school year? I would love to hear what you do!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you’re having a great day!


Whatever Wednesday ~ Teacher Appreciation

The week of May 14th was Teacher Appreciation week for my kids. I agonized over this for weeks before finally making a decision that week on what to do:

I got the idea from one of my favorite crafty blogs, Tatertots & Jello. She had the printable already designed all I had to do was print it out:) Easy peasy!

I bought some $10 gift cards to Jamba Juice and added some M&M’s to the bag for a little something extra. The cups I bought at Walmart for $2. I was hoping to buy ones with a lid and a straw, but those ones were $4 each! Yikes! I’m not that rich! I probably spent way too much money on this as it was! Next year, I’m going to do something more simple, definitely!! But I really liked this idea and the teachers appreciated it! Jonas has one teacher and an aid so I bought two for him to give out and Brynnan has a teacher and 2 aids so that totals 5!! Next year I hope it will only be 2 teachers and 1 aid total!:)

They had their last week of school and I made their teachers a scrapbook for the year. For Brynnan’s teachers I made a book of the different celebrations throughout the year:

I bought the albums on Pick Your Plum for a really good deal!! Only $5 each!! and they came with 20 pages. I LOVE Pick Your Plum! They do a daily deal and it’s usually really cheap! the only thing that gets ya is the shipping, but I bought 4 of these albums and the shipping was only $3.95 so still a great deal!!

Here are some of the pages from Brynnan’s album. I didn’t make the pages, I got them for free when I was into digital scrapbooking a couple years ago. I think this is the only page that I made myself, the rest were someone else.


Field Day was the last week of school.

Celebrating a girls birthday.

I forgot to take pictures of Jonas’ books before giving them to his teachers. I was in a hurry…

This kid is so hilarious!! Jonas’ teacher said this was the perfect page to remember him by!:)

They all wanted to do a funny face as well as a smiley one. It was funny and cute!:)

And here’s their funny class picture. I really LOVE Mrs. Bair! She’s an awesome teacher! She was so supportive of Jonas and everything that he needed. It was a wonderful year!! Brynnan has her next year and I’m glad.

This was a fun class and Jonas really loved being a part of it. When I asked him who his favorite friend from the class was he said, “All of them!” They were all really sweet and friendly with Jonas and they all loved him! It’s good to know that kids love him. I worry about that guy!!

You know what I realized as I was picking out pictures to post on here? I didn’t do a page of Jonas!!! My own kid, and I didn’t do a page for him!! I guess he got the first day of school page, but I had taken a cute silly picture of him and a cute smiley one too. Oh, well! lol

The scrapbooks were a lot of fun to make! I’m hoping to do the same thing for their teachers next year, but I want to make some new pages so I need to get started on that now since I’m such a procrastinator!!

Well, Thanks for stopping by today!! What did you make or do for Teacher appreciation and end of the year gifts? I hope you had fun coming up with your ideas!!

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