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Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Popsicle Stick Flag


I’m sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday, on the normal day I do Whatcha Craftin’ posts, but it was kind of a last minute project!! I didn’t even start the craft until about 11:00pm on Tuesday night and I had to wait for the paint to dry before finishing it. Also, I’ve realized how much time it takes to do everything I need to with all the boys at home, so it really doesn’t leave much time for crafting or blogging. It’s sad, but true.

I thought it would be fun to make up some popsicle stick flags I saw on pinterest, where else? 🙂 I was so excited about the project I got started right away… at 11:00 at night! lol I love how the flag turned out and it works for what I needed.



First I painted all my popsicle sticks the colors I wanted. I should’ve cut the blue ones down before painting them, but I didn’t. If you decide to do this, cut the popsicle stick that are going to be blue to half the size. I just punched out little stars from white cardstock. I happened to have a little punch with a star on it I bought SO many years ago. I think this is about the second time I’ve used it! LOL Then I just hot glued the stars onto the blue part of the flag.


I put the flag in a jar I made (you’ll be getting that post/tutorial tomorrow, so look forward to that! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!) and put it on my holiday table I have in the living room upstairs.




I love how it turned out. I might make more of them, maybe not. I think it looks good with just the one. The best thing about this project? It took about 15 minutes to paint and then glue it all together. Easy Peasy!! PLUS, you could totally do this with your kids! I considered that, but realized I have too much on my plate already! LOL Throw in some paint and a toddler and I wouldn’t be having too much fun with this project! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a great Thursday!! 🙂

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Guest Post by Amy from One Artsy Mama ~ Family Name Sign

Hi there, Megan’s friends and followers!  I’m Amy, aka One Artsy Mama, and I’m happy to be here filling in while Megan is enjoying some time with her family this week.  I ‘met’ Megan through the Grow Your Blog Mentoring Program {she was one of my guinea pigs in the first session!} and have enjoyed watching her blog change and grow over the last five months.
Today, I want to share with you a fun, simple, and sentimental project that anyone can make!  I first got inspired for this when I saw some fabulous Sentimental Word Art linked up at my weekly party by Karah from The Space Between.  I immediately knew I wanted to do something similar; here’s how I did it!
– scrap of wood {mine was from Michaels and cost less than $2}
– acrylic paint and brush
– fine tip paint pen
– printout or vinyl cutout of your name
– scissors
– painters’ tape
– sandpaper
– fabric scraps
– hot glue gun and gluesticks
– list of family favorites and memories
STEP 1: Paint your wood in desired color.  Let dry.
I let my Little Crafter do this step!

STEP 2: Print out your name or whatever word you’re using and cut the letters out to make a stencil.  Use painters’ tape to adhere it to your sign.  I made this in the days before I had a cutting machine.  If I were to do it again, I’d cut it out with adhesive vinyl instead.  Much easier.


STEP 3: If you haven’t already, brainstorm a list of things your family enjoys or has in common.  We included favorite vacation spots, foods, and special memories.


STEP 4: Write your memories inside the stencil using your paint pen.  The bigger your wood, the more you’ll be able to write.  I got a lot less on my sign than Karah was able to.


STEP 5: Remove stencil and distress sign using sandpaper…more about that later.


STEP 6: If you like, make a couple of fabric roses and glue in place.


The wood was about $1.60, the paint pen was around $4, and the stand was $3, so I got it all for less than ten bucks.  Not too shabby.
Here it is in its new home! 
Now, don’t stop reading yet, I have a few more things to share that you won’t want to miss.
First, here’s what I learned about distressing.
1. I am the worst distresser in the world.
2. Do NOT let LC do your base coat of paint because he’s too good at it.  You will be sanding and sanding until your arm is sore and that paint won’t want to come off.
3. Do NOT sit your DSLR camera next to you while sanding.  You might accidentally knock it off your table with your elbow which might break part of it which will result in you having to pay an exorbitant repair fee or having to get a new one.  Just saying.
Second, has anyone else ever had a conversation like this with the hubs?
Him: “What are you doing?”
Her: “I’m just distressing this.”
Him: “Didn’t you just paint it?”
Her: “yes”
Him: “Then why are you sanding all the paint off?”
Her: “To make it look weathered…you know, distressed”
Him: “Why would you want to do that?”
Her: “Because it’s shabby chic!”
Him: “What?”
Her: “Oh, nevermind.”
Well, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!  I’d love for you to come visit me over at One Artsy Mama!  I co-host a rockin’ link party on Fridays, and I’m currently running a fun crafting competition called One Crafty Contest where you can stop by each Monday to vote for your favorite entries!
Hugs and Glitter,
Amy Latta is the
author of 
Artsy Mama
, where she
shares a variety of project types including home decor, kids’ crafts, sewing,
jewelry, and more.  Recently, she published her first e-book, 
, to help beginners learn basic crochet
stitches and techniques.  She is happiest when creating something and
enjoys making all kinds of projects with her 4 year old “Little
Crafter.” In her spare time, Amy is a professional ballroom, latin, and
swing dancer.  When not on the dance floor or crafting, you can probably
find her at Starbucks.

Flash Friday SALE!!

This week I have been taking it easy and it has been NICE!! I feel relaxed and not stressed about what I have to post the next day!! I have a couple new posts coming next week. One is a guest post from one of my favorite crafty bloggers, Kaysi from Keeping it Simple. I will also be doing somewhat of an organizing post on Monday so you can look forward to that. School is out next Friday for us and I am scrambling to get chores and daily schedules together so I don’t go CA-RAY-ZY!! 🙂

Today, I have a fun sale going on in my Etsy shop! I posted each item that is on sale on my Crafty Meggy Facebook page. Go check it out! If you comment on the post first I’ll send you the link to the item on Etsy and you can then purchase it! I’m doing it a little different than others just because I want to get my sales up. Come on over and help a girl out!! I’m trying to get ready for end of the school year items as well as some fun stuff for summer!! I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on!!

I hope you’re having a great Friday!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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LGO! ~ Daily Cleaning Chores

This week I’m going to be doing things a little differently, I’m hoping! I have been slacking off on my house cleaning and even on my organizing. I come and blog about what I’m going to do during the week and then I barely accomplish half of it. And it drives me CRAZY that I don’t do everything I wanted to!! Yes, I’m one of those people that does something that wasn’t on my to do list so I write it down after it’s done to feel like I’ve accomplished something. I know, I’m crazy! But, it’s the little things like that that help me keep my sanity cleaning and being a wife 🙂 The little accomplishments are seriously the biggest ones for me!

Anyway, this week I am going to concentrate on completing ALL of the basic chores I SHOULD be doing every day. I have a list of everything that needs to be done in the day and the order it should be accomplished in. I’m really not too worried about the order as much as just getting it done.

Monday ~ Wash boys’ clothes & Bedding, Clean downstairs bathroom, vacuum whole house, Dust lights, fans & blinds

Tuesday ~ Wash my bedding, Round up bathroom & other trashes, Clean microwave, Clean upstairs bathroom

Wednesday ~ Wash Blankets, Food Inventory, Balance finances & Etsy work

Thursday ~ Wash towels, sweep & mop kitchen, Deep clean the kitchen sink, Organize papers & mail

Friday ~ Wash Boys’ clothes, Vacuum house and under furniture, Organize laundry room & desk areas

So, there you have it! My list for cleaning this week and I am DETERMINED to check off every single one of these jobs each day! How about you? Are you ready to CLEAN??!! Have you been doing a lot of Spring Cleaning? Tell us about it!

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow! I have a fun tutorial coming and another one on Thursday! Yay!! This week is going to be packed full of fun just like the last one! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


Birthday Bash Giveaway WINNERS!!

Ok, so I couldn’t wait until tomorrow so I’m posting this now!

And the winners are:



The CUTE animal zippered pouch was won by entrant #67 ~ Nancy C.


The bracelet and earring set was won by entrant #33 Sonya N.


The mini album and heart stickers were won by entrant #14~Rachelle W.


The FREE 5×7 snapfish coupon code was won by entrant #27~Sonya N.


The button headband was won by entrant #44~Sonya N.

And last, but not least, the three winners of the 30% off coupon to my Etsy shop were, Nancy C., Paula L. and Rachelle W.

Congrats to all the winners! Thank you for entering and I hope you will enjoy your winnings! The winners were chosen using

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ve enjoyed my week long Birthday Bash! If you missed any of the posts here they are:

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash~30 before 30

Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Boys swim trunks & Project Yesu shorts

Guest Post ~ Captain America T-shirt

Pinterest Pick Friday ~ Teacher Appreciation Notepad gift

I hope you’ll come back on Sunday because I have one last Birthday Bash guest post for you to enjoy. And it’s a GOOD one! Thanks for stopping by! Have a good weekend!



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Pinterest Pick Friday ~ Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea


I am very excited about todays post. I’ve been planning this for a while now. I like to give teachers cutesy gifts to go along with gift cards. This year our school is doing a whole week celebration for the teachers and each day has a different theme.


Monday is  Nice Note Day. The students write their teacher a note. Tuesday is Treat your Teacher Day. The students bring their teacher a candy bar or drink or something to show them they’re thankful. Wednesday is a special luncheon for the teachers. Thursday is Classroom Item Day where the students bring in items the teachers are in need of (the teachers provided lists for the parents of things they need and their favorite candy bar, etc. to make it easier on us:) I love this!) Friday is Recipe Day. The school sent home a packet for the kids to fill out with their favorite recipes on them and the teacher will compile a binder to use at home. I thought that was a really cute idea! 🙂

ANYWAY, I decided my little cutesy gift I’m showing you today can be given to their teachers on Thursday, Classroom Item Day because it’s a notepad. I’m also going to buy some of the items they wrote on their list to go along with it. I haven’t bought them yet, so today you just get to see my cutesy project I made.

So, here’s the pin I based this idea on:


And here’s what I did:


What do you think?!! I’m in LOVE with it!! I didn’t think it would turn out this good!



There’s a little note that can be pulled out to reveal a cute little saying that I came up with. Can you tell I’m proud of myself? I usually have to find other peoples ideas for sayings and cutesy gifts and this one was ALL me! (Well, mostly!)


And this is what the inside looks like. I bought 3 of these in a pack on Pick Your Plum at the beginning of the school year. I’m so excited to finally be able to use them!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I have the winners of the giveaway picked so if you go to the giveaway post you can see if you won! I’ll post the official post tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Tasty Thursday with ME!! {Crafty Meggy} ~ Asian Lettuce Wraps

I know that I said I would be back with a sewing project today, but it just didn’t happen. I’ve had this head cold all week and it just won’t.go.away. UGH!! It’s driving me crazy! Most days I have a headache all day long, no matter if I take medicine or lay down and rest. So, today, I have a recipe for you instead.

I’m excited about this one because I really wasn’t expecting it to be all that great…. But it was sooooooo GOOD!! I totally want to make it a regular meal in our home now!:)

Mark and I are getting bored with the same ol’, same ol’ meals we have every week. We have about 2 weeks worth of meals that our kids will actually eat so we just rotate through them all, but they are getting OLD!! A while ago Mark and I sat down to figure out what to have for dinner one week and nothing sounded good, so Mark hit and started looking around. He found this Asian Lettuce Wrap recipe and we both thought it sounded good so we gave it a whirl.

Oh.My.Gosh. It was So GOOD!!


Doesn’t it just look amazing?!! My mouth is watering as I look at these pictures and I’m totally craving this meal right now!


Mmmmm!! Ok, this meal is totally going on the menu for next week!

You can find the recipe HERE and it calls for hoisin sauce. We didn’t have any. We’ve never heard of it so we decided to just make our own. We don’t know anything different, so I’m guessing it turned out ok. Maybe someday we’ll buy the stuff from the store if we ever find it 🙂

Have you tried this recipe or will you? Come back and let us know what you thought about it!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to have that skirt done and ready to blog about tomorrow so come back and visit again!!


Shine on Link Party

Welcome back to Shine on Friday!
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Hi, I’m Megan and I blog over at Crafty Meggy. I am a stay at home mom to 3 wild and crazy boys as well as a part time professional photographer. This blog is my way of expressing my creative side, which I need to keep sane in a house full of boys!! I post all about my crafting, organizing and cleaning adventures. I hope you’ll come join in on all the fun!!

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Win a Blogger for a Day Giveaway!!

Hey, friends!  There have been a lot of big giveaways going around in the blogosphere lately: Silhouette Cameos, Kitchen Aid Mixers, iPads, Target and Amazon Gift Cards, and all sorts of fabulous prizes we’d all love to win.  But all of that has been done before, and we wanted to offer you something new and exciting.  So, today, a few of my best blogger friends and I want to offer you a prize like no other…ourselves!

Do you ever read our blog posts and think, “ooh, I wish I had time to make that craft!”  Or, “if only I could do that activity with my kids…” Or maybe, “I hope she saved one of those peanut butter balls for me!  Yum!” Well, today’s the day your dreams could become a reality.  You have the opportunity to win your own blogger for a day!

That’s right, the bloggers pictured below love our readers and travel so much that we have volunteered for this fun opportunity and the winner of the giveaway will get to choose one blogger to come to her home for a day!  We will do whatever you ask of us; stencil your wall, teach you to make your own jewelry, help you organize your pantry, do fun art projects with your kids, cook your dinner, or hang out with you at the local Starbucks while pick our brain.  Please make sure when you enter to specify which blogger you would choose and your geographic region.

Amy from One Artsy Mama
Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects
Kadie from Seven Alive
Sky from Creative Capital B
Eva from Tales of the Scotts
Megan from Crafty Meggy
Nancy from Do Small Things With Love
Emily from A Tossed Salad Life

Rafflecopter will walk you through the entry process; good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The very fine print: April Fool!  Of course we can’t come to your house, unless you’re our neighbor or you want to pay our air fare.  This giveaway is just a fun joke, but we do indeed have a prize.  In lieu of receiving your own blogger, the least we could do is let you receive a $20 Starbucks gift card on us.  Good luck!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day & a HUGE Giveaway!

I just wanted to jump on real quick and wish you all a Happy Day! 🙂 I hope you don’t get pinched today. I know my cute kiddos won’t be! Look what I made them to make sure of that:


What do you think? I LOVE how they turned out!! I’ll be back later this week to expound on how I made them.

Today I am going to share an Ah-Mah-Zing giveaway with you. I am really excited about this!!

You all know I’ve been participating in a blog mentoring program with Amy from One Artsy Mama. Well, today is Amy’s 2 year blogiversary and she wanted to celebrate it with a big BANG!! She got a bunch of amazing bloggers together to chip in with this! We are giving away ONE Silhouette Cameo!! Don’t have a Cameo yet? What are you waiting for??!!! Click the giveaway link and enter! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and over and ends at 11:59pm EST on March 24, 2013. Approximate retail value $299.99. Number of entries received determines the odds of winning. One winner will be selected. This is a giveaway sponsored as a group buy, which means the bloggers pooled their money together to purchase this product for you. All liabilities and responsibilities with the product itself is directly responsible by Silhouette America. Winner will drawn by from all verified entries, contacted by the email provided when entering, and announced on this page at the end of the contest. Winner has 48 hours to respond or prize will be redrawn. Entrant is responsible for the email address they provide, whether through typing it directly or through the Facebook entry method. {Your blog name} and One Artsy Mama are not responsible for lost, misdirected, or undeliverable emails. All prizes will be awarded, no prize substitutions allowed. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook and we hereby release Facebook of any liability. Information is provided to One Artsy Mama, not to Facebook, and your information is never sold or shared. Facebook and Silhouette America are not a sponsor of this giveaway. Prize is mailed or emailed directly by Amy of One Artsy Mama. Protected tweets do not count as an entry method for tweeting; tweets must come from a public account. Bloggers in this group giveaway and their immediate family members in their household cannot enter or win the giveaway. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

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